Ambrosiaskin with SkinShield Formula to Treat Various Skin Conditions

Aesthetics Daily – Generally, people who live in tropical countries like Indonesia are at risk of experiencing various skin problems including dry skin, dull skin, wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and sagging skin. Therefore, to treat those common skin problems, Ambrosia Klinik & Estetik released a series of skincare products labeled “Ambrosiaskin” in 2021.

Kartika Mayasari as Founder of Ambrosiaskin and Aesthetic Doctor, reveals that Ambrosiaskin products are formulated based on the experience of aesthetic doctors in treating hundreds of patients. In addition, Ambrosiaskin has also gone through a series of clinical tests to find the best formula capable of treating variously common skin problems.

Furthermore, Kartika divulges that finding the most appropriate formula was a challenge in itself. “However, thanks to the support of a team of experienced doctors, Ambrosiaskin found the right formula as a skin protection solution so that the skin remains healthy and cared for, namely Ambrosia SkinShield Formula.”

SkinShield formula consisting of Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, Glutathione, and Co Enzyme Q10 acting as a great skin barrier. Ambrosiaskin launches 3 range of product to treat skin problems that people often experience including Acne Series, Dark Spot Series, and Brightening Series.

Kartika explains about the advantages of the 3 new series that were recently launched. Dark Spot Series is formulated to solve the problem of black spots on the face. “Dark spots on the face can appear due to various causes including sun exposure, hormones, use of several facial products and also the aging process.”

Meanwhile, Brightening Series is useful for making faces brighter and more radiant. This product answers the needs of clients where, based on clinical experience, almost 60% of patients who come to Ambrosia Klinik & Estetik want to have a brighter and less dull face.

“A dull face can be caused by several things, such as exposure to pollution, using inappropriate facial products, rarely cleaning the face, stress, the effects of food, skin dehydration, living habits and other things,” continues Kartika.

The next product is Acne Series which is a solution for acne problems. Kartika says, “Acne can appear at various ages and it is triggered by many things. The acne series here works to deal with acne problems quickly and suitably.”

Wika Salim, a well-known Indonesian celebrity who is chosen to be Ambrosiaskin’s Brand Ambassador, admits that she has had complaints on her face such as acne scars or dull skin. “As a public figure, I must always maintain healthy skin. Moreover, my skin tends to be sensitive. Luckily, I found Ambrosiaskin so my skin is maintained, healthy and well cared for!”

“Skincare products must be stored in a cool place, such as in a refrigerator. It would be nice if people had a small refrigerator specifically for skincare storage. Or if you don’t have one, don’t put skincare in a place exposed to direct sunlight,” Wika explains.

Apart from storing skincare products, other things that also need to be considered to keep the skin healthy are food intake and a good lifestyle. A person needs to eat quality food with adequate nutritional content including intake of vitamin C. In addition, regular exercise, drinking enough water, avoiding smoking and getting rid of staying up late help maintain healthy skin.

Not only for women, Ambrosiaskin products can also be used by men. Ambrosiaskin Basic package which consists of Face Wash, Morning Cream, and Night Cream is sold for IDR 300,000. While Ambrosia Ultimate package worth IDR 600,000 consists of Face Wash, Morning Cream, Night Cream, Serum and Toner.

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