B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic to Open Dozens of New Branches in 2023

Aesthetics Daily -During and after a prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses in various industrial sectors have been severely affected. However, the opposite has happened to B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic which actually opened its first clinic during the pandemic, in 2020 to be precise.

B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic, of which the first clinic is located in Kemang area, South Jakarta, provides a wide variety of body slimming and facial treatments. Remarkably, the clinic has grown rapidly since its initial establishment.

In just 2 years, B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic has opened 15 branches spread across many regions in Indonesia. Meanwhile, two of its branches are currently under construction.

Looking back, during the pandemic, it turned out that many people had complaints of gaining weight. This happened because of the work from home (WFH) policy where people tend to reduce their activities.

On the other hand, restrictions on activities and gatherings made it easier for people to feel bored. “Therefore, many people needed slimming and facial treatments for stress healing,” says Hervita Wahyuni as CEO of B Group.

However, the Alumni of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia says that simply fulfilling the many consumer demands is not enough without being accompanied by the best service and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Hervita ensures that B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic always provides excellent beauty treatments with the support of state-of-the-art technology, and implements applicable health protocols.

“We are also committed to continously upgrade our services, in line with our tagline, ‘There’s Always Something New’. We aim to offer at least 5 new treatments every year. In addition, we plan to continually open several branches throughout Indonesia so that B Clinic can reach and serve more patients,” explains the woman who likes traveling and culinary.

Hervita ensures that the treatments provided by B Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic have the best formulas developed with modern technology. In addition, all treatments and services are supported by deep knowledge in the field of medical aesthetics and a high level of safety.

“Like our other business lines, including B Coffee & Eatery, Luvv Cake, Jakarta Aesthetic Consult, Plane and BC Skin, we always try to provide the best for our customers,” adds Hervita.

According to her, the several things mentioned might be the key differentiators between B Clinic and other similar clinics. Thanks to its excellence, every branch of B Clinic is always packed with consumers getting body and facial treatments.

In 2023, B Clinic even plans to open 13 new branches. Thus, there will be a total of 30 B Clinic branches throughout Indonesia. Hervita says, “In the near future, we also plan to launch a new slimming treatment using a 1060nm cold laser which functions to burn fat more optimally.”

“This will complement our types of slimming treatments including fat removal and other body contouring treatments with Cool Plus, RF Sineson and BMagsculpt. There is also a B Clinic’s exceptional facial treatment, namely Facial B Glowing which is a combination of 2 glowing treatments to help make your face radiant and at the same time nourish the skin,” adds Hervita.

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