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Aesthetics Daily – When you walk in a supermarket or more specifically a cosmetic shop, only if you pay attention, you will see salespeople working at a sales counter. They are often called beauty advisors (BA). Usually working for a cosmetic company, beauty advisors have a broad range of specific duties and responsibilities.

What is A Beauty Advisor?

Salespeople who specialize in cosmetics and skin care products are called beauty advisors or beauty consultants. To meet sales goals, beauty advisors offer personalized services to prospective buyers. To make people eager to buy, beauty advisors must master a variety of sales and persuasion techniques.

Beauty advisors must be able to persuade potential buyers to buy some beauty products including makeup and skin care. As the name suggests, beauty advisors provide consulting services on the most suitable products for a particular client. In addition, beauty advisors have special skills such as demonstrating proper product use.

Tasks & Responsibilities of a Beauty Advisor

1. Greeting customers

Every time a customer walks into a shop, the beauty advisor must always greet him/her with full of enthusiasm. Apart from saying hello, beauty advisor must also show a sincere smile. This greeting shows that the arrival of potential clients at the counter is expected.

2. Identifying client’s needs and expectations

Clients who come to the counter must have certain expectations and needs. Therefore, beauty advisors must ask what they can help for clients. The asked questions can be a tool for beauty advisors to find out the needs of potenstial customers.

3. Delivering product information

Good product knowledge is a must for every beauty advisor. Both before and during the working period, beauty advisors have gone through a series of trainings to improve their knowledge and skills that can support the company’s performance.

4. Recommending clients skin care or makeup products

Beauty advisors who know what clients need based on a series of consultations and analyzes recommends the most appropriate product for clients. Each product is designed for a specific skin type and condition to benefit from. Furthermore, consumers can choose the product they need the most.

5. Demonstrating the proper use of cosmetic products

Not only having outstanding product knowledge, beauty advisors should be able to demonstrate skillfully various beauty products. Usually, the company conducts a series of trainings for beauty advisors. Furthermore, beauty advisors have to develop further with a lot of practice on their own.

6. Selling cosmetic products

Beauty advisors are basically salespeople who work at the counter. Therefore, they must master sales techniques. The ability to persuade people is needed so that people want to buy products.

7. Helping consumers find goods

There is a possibility that consumers who come to the counter already know the product series they want to buy. However, at the counter, they may not know where the product is stored. It is a beauty advisor’s job to help consumers get the items they need.

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8. Providing advice to consumers

Beauty advisors not only understand well each product sold and its benefits but also related knowledge such as how to care for skin. However, beauty advisors are not supposed to provide medical analysis or diagnosis to consumers because that is the duty of a dermatologist.

9. Dealing with stock management

Beauty advisors must ensure that every product the company sells is available over the counter. Generally, they have a checklist that displays a number of important data including how many specific products are available.

10. Cooperating with distribution centers

Generally, beauty advisors are placed at a counter in a retail store or supermarket in a particular city. Beauty advisor delivers all information related to item inventory to the nearest distribution center. When there is a stock of items running out or running low, the beauty advisor asks the distribution center to send the products.

11. Achieving and exceed specified sales goals

Because one of their duties is selling, beauty advisors are given sales targets. Every beauty advisor strives to be able to achieve it in order to get rewards from the company. This will be even better, if beauty advisors succeed in exceeding sales target. The achievement has enabled beauty advisors to get a job promotion.

Beauty Advisor Qualifications

Each cosmetic company determines the criteria and qualifications of beauty advisors. The following are general qualifications for beauty advisors that you can use as a reference:

  • High school diploma or equivalent,
  • Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills,
  • Extensive knowledge of various types of cosmetics, skin and hair care products,
  • Ability to demonstrate the correct use of various cosmetic products,
  • Previous work experience as a beauty advisor or similar position,
    Have a makeup portfolio is preferrable,
  • Cosmetology education is a plus.


To become a beauty advisor, you may need certification from a qualified cosmetology school. However, not all job opportunities for beauty advisors require certification.

You will also need to create a portfolio that includes samples of your makeup work. Depending on the employer, retail sales experience may be required.

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