BeautyHaul Awards 2022 Recognizes 29 Most Preferable Products

Aesthetics Daily – BeautyHaul appreciates a number of brands that have grown together with it through BeautyHaul Awards 2022. This awarding event divided nominations into 29 categories ranging from skincare, makeup, to hair and body care products.

The winners were selected through voting by beauty enthusiasts on the official BeautyHaul website which took place from 11 November to 7 December 2022. With the theme “BeautyHaul Empowers Your Beauty MVP”, BeautyHaul Awards 2022 would like to present credible recommendations for Indonesian beauty enthusiasts when they are looking for a variety of beauty products that can meet their needs.

Irene Ursula as CEO of BeautyHaul Indonesia said, “We are pleased to be able to hold the 2022 BeautyHaul Awards offline for the first time. This award comes as a concrete manifestation of our commitment to helping a number of brands that have grown with us to become ‘MVP’ in the beauty industry.”

“This year, we received extraordinary enthusiasm from #BeautyHaulSquad in appreciating quality beauty brands. A total of more than 80,000 votes were collected. We believe that this awarding event can motivate brands to continue to present products that can meet various beauty needs,” added Irene.

All brand products included in the nominations had gone through a rigorous curation process by BeautyHaul experts. Dr. Claudia Christin as BeautyHaul’s Medical Innovation Expert explained, “Product curation is important in collaborating with BeautyHaul to maintain quality and safety standards.”

“Apart from that, we also educate the public through blog and social media content, and build a beauty enthusiasts community called Skintention as a forum for members to share beauty insights. The diversity of Skintention members, from skin types to skin problems, helps customers understand and find quality products they’re looking for,” Dr. Claudia added.

BeautyHaul provides a complete selection of beauty products, including international, local and newcomer brands, for beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia. Some of them are Studio Tropik and Barenbliss which also won BeautyHaul Awards 2022.

They believe that to reach customers requires education and easy product access. Isabella Ingrid as Chief Marketing Officer of Studio Tropik said, “BeautyHaul helps us increase public understanding of the importance of using skincare. Thus, this encourages them to try and experience the benefits of our products.”

On the other hand, Meysa Sella Artia as Social Media Manager of Barenbliss explained BeautyHaul’s role in increasing the credibility of Barenbliss brand, “Our main focus is to reach customers and fulfill their needs with our products. With BeautyHaul, our products become more trusted and easily accessible where customers can try product testers and see them in person.”

For your information, BeautyHaul Awards 2022 crowned Barenbliss Newcomer Brand of the Year, Best Eyeshadow Palette for Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow products, and Best Lips Product for Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint products.

Meanwhile, Rescue RX Antibacterial Face Mist and DreamSetter Make-up Setting Spray by Studio Tropik were named Best Face Mist and Best Setting Spray. This year, Azarine was chosen as Brand of the Year.

Winners BeautyHaul Awards 2022

Brand of The Year

  1. Azarine

Newcomer of The Year

  1. Barenbliss

Best Skincare

  1. Best Cleanser: Somethinc – Low pH Gentle Jelly Cleanser
  2. Best Serum: Azarine – Retinol Smooth Glowing Serum
  3. Best Toner: Npure – Cica Series Face Toner 150ml
  4. Best Moisturizer: Skintific – 5x Ceramide Barrier Moisture Gel 30gr
  5. Best Sunscreen: Azarine – Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Gel SPF 45+++
  6. Best Face Mask: Saturday Looks – Minty Gentle Scrub Face Mask 125g
  7. Best Eye Treatment: Lacoco – Intensive Treatment Eye Serum
  8. Best Acne Spot Treatment: Skin Game – Acne Warrior
  9. Best Face Mist: Studio Tropik – Rescue RX – Antibacterial Face Mist

Best Makeup

  1. Best Foundation: Dear Me Beauty – Airy Poreless Fluid Foundation
  2. Best Cushion: Somethinc – Hooman Breatheable UV Cushion Cover SPF 35 PA++++
  3. Best Face Powder: Luxcrime – Blur & Cover Two Way Cake
  4. Best Concealer: Dear Me Beauty – Serum Concealer
  5. Best Blush: Somethinc – TAMAGO Airy Blush
  6. Best Highlighter: ESQA – Intense Highlighter
  7. Best Bronzer & Contour: ESQA – Bronzer
  8. Best Eyeshadow Palette: Barenbliss – Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow
  9. Best Eyebrow Product: Somethinc – BROW WIZ Retractable Eyebrow
  10. Best Eyeliner: Somethinc – FOREVER STAY Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  11. Best Mascara: Luxcrime – Double Duty Mascara
  12. Best Lips Product: Barebliss – Peach Makes Pertect Lip Tint
  13. Best Setting Spray: Studio Tropik – BB Size DreamSetter Pollution Protection Make-up Setting Spray

Best Hair & Body Care

  1. Best Shampoo: Varesse – Serum Shampoo 2 in 1 Conditioner
  2. Best Conditoner: Ree Derma – Cinnamon & Amino Acid Conditioner
  3. Best Body Shower: Scarlett Whitening – Brightening Shower Scrub
  4. Best Body Lotion: Scarlett Whitening – Brightening Body Lotion
  5. Best Body Scrub: Hanasui – Body Spa

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