9 Benefits of a Laser Hair Removal Treatment That Amaze You

Aesthetics Daily – There are many different hair removal methods, such as shaving, electrolysis, depilation, tweezing or waxing. Among the many options available, laser hair removal is the method most often used, especially in aesthetic clinics.

Laser hair removal uses laser technology which can inhibit the growth of hair follicles. Technically, hair can still grow in several parts of the body but it takes a long time. The parts of the body that are subjected to laser hair removal include the chest, stomach, back, hands, feet, bikini line, and face.

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal?

Taking about 30 – 45 minutes per session, laser hair removal can effectively reduce unwanted hairs. Some parts of the body such as the upper lip can grow hair fast. Therefore, the treatment is carried out at shorter time intervals, about 4 to 8 weeks.

Meanwhile, parts of the body where the hair grows more slowly, such as the back, requires treatment with longer time intervals. The length of time for laser hair removal depends on the area of the body that you want to remove the hair.

One thing you need to understand, hair will not fall out in an instant. Hair will fall out in a matter of days or even weeks. Each patient needs a different number of treatment sessions. Some people have two treatments while others need up to 8 treatments or even more. Laser hair removal does not guarantee permanent results. To get maximum results, it takes several laser hair removal treatments on a regular basis.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

1. Fast processing time

The time to do laser hair removal is about 30 to 45 minutes. The length of work depends on the dimensions of the body part to which the treatment is performed. Of course, the time for laser hair removal is faster than waxing.

2. Cost-effective maintenance

Laser hair removal provides long lasting results. Hair will take a long time to grow back. While laser hair removal may sound expensive at first, it is more cost effective than waxing or shaving treatments. In the United States, the cost of laser hair removal ranges from $ 200 to $ 800.

Treatment costs vary widely depending on the dimensions of the body part where unwanted hair grows. Usually, the treatment will be cheaper if the patient undergoes laser hair removal for several parts of the body at once.

3. No ingrown hair

People who remove unwanted hair by waxing or shaving can suffer from ingrown hairs. They look like small red bumps on the skin that feel sore and itchy. Sometimes, the bumps can lead to infections which need to be treated with antibiotic tablets or cream. This is different from laser hair removal which can damage the hair follicles so that the body is free from ingrown hair for years.

4. Measurable results

Every person gets different results from laser hair removal treatment. The results cannot be seen instantly. Patients need about 6 to 12 treatments to get maximum results. When hair follicles are destroyed, hair growth will stop. However, if the hair follicle is only damaged, the hair can still grow back for quite a long time.

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5. Suitable for all skin types

There are several factors that can affect the results of laser hair removal treatment. Some of them are hair type, hormones, and skin color. Hair pigment is one of the determinants of the success of laser hair removal treatment. Therefore, laser hair removal provides maximum results in people with skin tones that contrast with the hair color.

6. Minimal side effects

Laser hair removal that is considered safe still has side effects. However, the side effects of laser hair removal are relatively few and can go away in a matter of hours. Some of the side effects that often occur include skin irritation, redness, discoloration of the skin, and discomfort. Each patient feels different effects after treatment.

7. Done by a professional doctor

Before undergoing laser hair removal, patients should have a consultation with the doctor first to find out the problem. An experienced aesthetic doctor is assisted by a beautician who will clean the part of the body where the hair is about to be removed.

After that, the doctor will shoot a laser beam into the body area that has been previously applied anesthetic gel. Laser light that penetrates the skin to the hair follicle. The patient may experience discomfort such as pinching and a cold sensation from the gel or cooling device.

8. Preventing hair growth

During the session, the patient will wear special glasses to protect the eyes from laser light. Next, the doctor may apply anesthetic gel to reduce irritation. Then, the part of the body that was roughly shaved off will be illuminated with a laser.

This is where the laser beam starts to work to damage the hair follicles. After being exposed to heat, the hair follicles are damaged, which slows down the hair growth process. Hair can still grow back but it takes a relatively long time.

9. The patients can do activities after treatment

After treatment, the patient may experience several symptoms such as discomfort, skin irritation, and changes in skin pigment. Fortunately, these side effects are only temporary and can go away quickly. This will allow the patient to carry out their normal daily activities after treatment.

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    I like that you mentioned how laser hair removal would provide long-lasting results. My wife talked to me yesterday and it seems she is worried about some of her body hair. Typical hair removal doesn’t seem enough, so she should probably ask for laser hair removal.

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    My colleague is interested in visiting the beach this year so she can brag about her new body figure! I never knew that a laser hair removal treatment easily removes unwanted hair and prevents them form growing back. I will recommend this treatment to her when we meet again.


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