Advantages & Results of Lumenis SPLENDOR X Laser Treatment

Aesthetics Daily – Lumenis is known as a manufacturer of medical devices that many aesthetic practitioners in the world often use. One of its breakthrough innovations is SPLENDOR X which is able to overcome various skin concerns and reduce hair growth.

The device is equipped with yield-maximizing technologies such as Alexandrite and Nd: YAG wavelength synchronization. In addition, SPLENDOR X includes BLEND X technology, Dual Cooling System (DCS), and HEPA filter. SPLENDOR also offers a consistently wider range of treatment areas with square laser spots.


Manufactured by Lumenis, the global leader in laser and light-based technology, the SPLENDOR X synchronizes the laser emissions of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG systems powered by BLEND X technology. It is a fiber-delivered laser featuring a patented square laser spot for uniform skin coverage. The embedded HEPA filter feature creates a smoke-free working environment. There is also an integrated Dual Cooling System (DCS) feature which eliminates the need for numbing cream to make treatment sessions faster.

SPLENDOR X lets you customize skin treatments and hair removal treatments across an unlimited spectrum of colors. Who are the most suitable candidates for the treatment? SPLENDOR X is suitable for any patients with different skin types and hair colors. Even so, it can’t treat gray hair.

What Indications Can Be Treated?

Generally suitable for all skin tones, SPLENDOR X can handle a variety of indications including:

  • Vascular treatments,
  • Permanent hair reduction,
  • Barbae’s Pseudofolliculitis (PFB),
  • Onychomycosis,
  • Warts,
  • Pigmentation,
  • Wrinkle treatments.

Suitable for darker skin and all hair types, SPLENDOR X equipped with an ergonomic handpiece is ideal for both women and men. Hair reduction with SPLENDOR X is long-term so the patient needs multiple treatments. As the treatments progress, the melanin concentrations decrease so that hair growth can be reduced.

Benefits of SPLENDOR X

The return on investment is even greater thanks to the longer lamp life and support for remote service connectivity. Users can quickly replace the laser flash on their own without the assistance of a technician.

Certified technicians will help users remotely troubleshoot, calibrate and upgrade systems so uptime can be increased.

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SPLENDOR X’s Technologies


SPLENDOR X combines a binary emission laser of Nd: YAG and Alexandrite wavelengths. The two wavelengths are synchronized in varying proportions to suit the treatment based on the color and thickness of the hair and the individual’s skin type.

The Alexandrite configuration provides a square spot size of 20 x 20mm and a repetition rate of 3Hz while the Nd: YAG configuration provides a square spot size of 24 x 24mm with a repetition rate of 1Hz. With these beneficial features, Splendor X provides a broad range of treatments from hair reduction to vascular.

Square Laser Spot

Other traditional devices use round spot sizes which result in inconsistent coverage. While Splendor X uses square laser spots which provides a more consistent and precise uniform coverage over the treated area.

The UV Skin Marking feature makes the precision coverage easier thanks to its matrix grids. The SPLENDOR X square laser spots also increase coverage area of treatment. The SPLENDOR X features a 7kW output providing multiple square spot sizes for deeper penetration. This will also reduce overlap, burns or the need to retouch overlooked areas.

HEPA Filter

According to research, the smoke released from burning hair during laser hair removal sessions can irritate the respiratory tract. Of course this threatens health, especially for treatment providers who are often exposed to smoke.

Through a series of research and development, Lumenis includes a HEPA filter in the SPLENDOR X device to prevent smoke that can harm health. Thus, both patients and staff are protected from harmful smoke during treatment.

Dual Cooling System (DCS)

SPLENDOR X is equipped with Dual Cooling System (DCS) feature which combines Cyro-Touch and Cyro-Air. Cyro tips are designed to pass cool air just over the treated area to protect a layer of skin called epidermis.

Self-Lamp Replacement

One feature makes it easy for SPLENDOR X users, namely Self-Lamp Replacement which can be used for 2 million shots. Users can replace the laser light on their own without the help of technician in just a few seconds.


SPLENDOR X removes unwanted hair by transmitting laser light energy with a specific wavelength. The laser light that penetrates the skin is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Melanin converts the radiated energy into heat which destroys the hair follicles.

This method makes hair growth stunted for a long period of time. BLEND X technology harnesses the power of two wavelengths to produce hair-free skin.

How Many Treatments are Needed?

Not all hair is at the same stage of growth. Meanwhile, the laser works effectively when the hair is in the early stages of growth. Therefore, patients need gradual treatment to remove unwanted hairs permanently.

Because everyone has different skin conditions and hair types, the number of treatments will vary from person to person. The skin doctor will determine the most appropriate number of laser hair removal treatments.

How are The Results?

After 6 treatments, the patient gets about 85 – 90% reduction in permanent hair. They need touch-ups 1-2 times a year so that the results are maintained. There is no downtime associated with laser hair removal treatment so that after undergoing it, patients can return to their normal activities.

Within a few weeks of the treatment course, you will notice less hair growth. Although most of the hair will be lost in the treated area, there is no 100% guarantee that the hair will not grow back. The reason is, over time hair growth is influenced by several factors such as age and hormones.

Side Effects of SPLENDOR X

Everyone will experience different things both during and after treatment. The patient may experience redness or swelling in the treated area. However, these minimal side effects only last a few hours or days. The doctor will certainly provide the best advice to reduce risk. One thing you should know, SPLENDOR X is not suitable for those with active or inflammatory infections, fungal or bacterial diseases.

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