Beyond Aesthetic Holds BA Fair: The First Beauty Clinic Exhibition in Indonesia

People are starting to pay more attention to their skin problems in line with the increasing trend of beauty in Indonesia. Generally, they use a variety of skincare products available on the market to treat their skin.

But oftentimes, the use of skincare products alone is not enough. Many people then turn to professional practitioners to get more personalized service when they feels that ordinary skincare products cannot provide truly satisfying results. They self-consciously come to the aesthetic clinic and consult with a doctor.

However, choosing an aesthetic clinic certainly cannot be done carelessly. After all, beauty clinics usually have their own expertise or specialty, which is their advantage. The many choices of beauty clinics most likely confuse people, especially those who want to try beauty treatments for the first time.

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BA Fair

Therefore, Beyond Aesthetic is holding a BA Fair for one week, from 5 to 11 December 2022, at Lower Ground, Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. This first beauty clinic exhibition in Indonesia provides an opportunity for the public to get as much detailed information as possible regarding beauty treatments and their benefits.

Alice Callista as CEO of Beyond Aesthetic says, “BA Fair is here to bring together professionals and beautypreneurs with beauty enthusiasts. The hope is that visitors who come can get targeted information regarding their skin needs. And at the same time, the clinic also has the opportunity to introduce and promote the services and treatments they have.”

A number of aesthetic clinics present at the BA Fair are the best in their respective fields. One of them is Dermaster which is the number 1 contouring clinic in Indonesia. Dermaster focuses on thread lifting as well as face and body contouring.

Apart from that, there is Derma Express, a clinic that targets the millennial generation market and focuses on treating acne and healthy skin; The Clinic, a one stop aesthetic clinic that provides complete services including aesthetic treatments, plastic surgery, hair treatments, and dental care; and Sukhavita which focuses on slimming and anti-aging programs.

BA Fair also presents Hydrafacial, a treatment that combines advanced machine technology and spa therapy. Hydrafacial is now one of the favorite treatments for Hollywood celebrities because it allows them to have healthy, bright and flawless skin.

Interestingly, at BA Fair this time, visitors can try Hydrafacial treatments for free. Apart from Hydrafacial, visitors can also try EMSella Chair, a treatment using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology designed to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control presented by The Clinic.

Not only that, visitors can also listen to several talk shows with a variety of topics that discuss all things related to beauty including skin health, anti-aging, and obesity. All the talk shows bting in professional speakers who are experts in their fields.

The beauty enthusiasts also have the opportunity to meet directly with their idol influencers or KOLs who are invited to come to this event. Several well-known celebrities share their experiences as patients at a beauty clinic, one of which is Ari Wibowo.

BA Fair also invites various beauty care enthusiast communities to get involved and enjoy this one week series of exhibition events. There are also Soul Skins and vending machines by Slimsure for all visitors who come to try out.

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