Black Doll Carbon Laser Treatment That Makes Your Skin More Youthful

Aesthetics Daily – It’s very common if some people, especially women, want smooth skin like Koreans. The reason is, Koreans are known to have clean and smooth skin so many people, especially in Asia, want the same thing. Fortunately, getting smoother and younger skin is now easier thanks to medical-grade technologies such as lasers.

One of the most popular laser treatments in Korea is black doll carbon laser. Not only in Korea, this type of skin resurfacing treatment is also in great demand in a number of countries around the world including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also Western countries. This non-invasive treatment offers some extraordinary benefits for skin beauty.

What is Black Doll Carbon Laser?

Basically, the technical name for black doll carbon laser is carbon laser skin rejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment is useful for removing dirt on the face such as blackheads, shrinking facial pores while tightening and firming the skin.

The treatments that are also known as carbon laser peels, charcoal black doll facials, and Hollywood peels are very effective for instantly creating firm, clean, and bright skin without any downtime. But whatever name you know, the treatment works principally in the same way.

Black doll carbon laser uses the conductive qualities of carbon to exfoliate, cleanse, and shrink pores quickly and painlessly. Treatments that involve exfoliating the top layer of the skin help rejuvenate the skin, resulting in smoother, more radiant and youthful skin.

How Does Black Doll Carbon Laser Work?

The aesthetician will first apply a layer of liquid carbon to your face and let it dry. The liquid carbon layer aims to bind to any debris that may be present including dead skin cells, dust and oil that settles deep in the pores.

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The laser beam attracted to the carbon particles is then directed to the treated area. Then the carbon paste absorb the laser energy and the heat it produces. The heat will destroy the particles completely in your pores, causing a reaction in the form of a small explosion.

Although the process sounds scary, the patient feels likely little pain or discomfort. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, the patient may feel a tingling or slight pinching sensation.

The tiny explosions push heat energy into the layers of the skin, activating cells and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. While on the surface of the skin, carbon evaporates with oil, dead skin cells and dirt.

In addition, the heat from the laser allows the carbon to be absorbed into the skin which in turn stimulates the skin cells. This process promotes increased production of collagen and elastin.

Generally, patients can see results after one treatment. However, black doll carbon laser treatment which lasts about 30 minutes gives more optimal results if it is repeated about 4 to 5 times with an interval of 2 – 4 weeks.

Black doll carbon laser has commonly no serious side effects. The reaction of each patient is different, but relatively mild side effects can occur such as tingling and redness after treatment which will disappear on their own in a few hours.

The Benefits of Black Doll Carbon Laser

Appropriate for all ages, black doll carbon laser helps reduce visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots and fine lines. This treatment is also very useful for getting rid of various types of acne and shrinking pores.

Other benefits of black doll carbon laser include lifting and tightening the skin as well as improving skin tone, texture, elasticity and moisture. The treatment regimen leads to smoother, healthier and more radiant skin thanks to increased collagen and elastin.


You are a good candidate for black doll carbon laser treatment if you have skin conditions including clogged and enlarged pores, acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, facial scars, skin lesions and imperfections.

Conversely, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women and people who have very sensitive and dry skin, open skin infections, and a history of cold sores. Apart from these conditions, black doll carbon laser is relatively safe for anyone with any skin type.

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