Botanical Essentials Presents “Sandalina” Collection Themed Self-Love

Botanical Essential releases its newest product line called “Sandalina” which is a part of LuxurMe Collection, simple luxury for me. The collection, which was launched at the end of November, carries the theme “Self Love”, consisting of Body Wash, Body Oil and Body Lotion to pamper the skin.

The theme was purposefully raised to encourage everyone to love and pamper themselves amidst the daily grind through the use of Sandalina collection. In addition, this collection was created to provide an interesting and different luxury experience.

Salindri Sanningputri as Marketing Executive of Botanical Essentials, said that Sandalina contains natural ingredients that are good for the skin. It contains aromatic compounds that have a relaxing effect, reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system.

Botanical Essential releases newest product line Sandalina LuxurMe Collection
Image source: Botanical Essentials

“Sometimes, we are too busy doing activities or work so we never have time to pamper ourselves. Therefore, Sandalina is here to fulfill our self-actualization needs so that we love ourselves more and appreciate the little things in life,” said Salindri.

Sandalina with a combination of specially selected Caramel and Cocoa fragrances creates simple luxury for each user. Salindri added, “We have maximized these various virtues through a series of rigorous and dermatologically tested research and quality control. We hope that this collection of Botanical Essentials can be chosen and accepted by consumers.”

Sandalina collection follows the success of the hero series with Vetiver, Patchouli, Ylang and Bergamot fragrances launched last year. Since its first launch in 2021, Patchouli has become a favorite and best seller hero ingredients. All genders seem to like its woody and leathery aroma.

Botanical Essential releases newest product line Sandalina LuxurMe Collection
Image source: Botanical Essentials

Sandalina range focuses on Body Care which is a combination of several oils including Cedarwood oil, Sandalwood oil, Black Pepper oil, Cocoa extract, and Clary sage extract. Botanical Essentials balances the good benefits of Sandalina with non-sulfate and non-paraben formulations as well as plant-based active ingredients.

Thus, Sandalina collection is safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Interestingly, Sandalina creates a unique fragrance that is described as sweet vanilla and warm Sandalwood. So, Sandalina of LuxurMe Collection can be worn in a variety of settings to bring back good memories and pamper yourself.

Botanical Essentials launched the innovative LuxurMe Collection as the embodiment of its ‘kind to the skin, kind to the world’ commitment. More than that, Botanical Essentials not only offers products that are effective and good for daily use, but also introduces a new, more sustainable lifestyle.

Carrying the Reinventing #whatitmeanstoBE campaign, Botanical Essentials uses high-quality essential oils produced by farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. Botanical Essentials also contributes to a circular economy because all of its packaging is recyclable.

Sandalina of LuxurMe Collection can be found at the Botanical Essentials Pop Up booth at Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 2 on 2 – 24 January 2023. Additionally, consumers can also access and purchase a range of Botanical Essentials products through its Official Store in e-commerce platforms including Sociolla, Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora.

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