Bunga Aesthetic Clinic & Laser Center Releases Magic Step Treatment

Aesthetics Daily – Currently, the need for beauty treatments is increasing. This can be seen from the presence of beauty clinics that are in demand by both women and men of all ages. They are ready to make various attempts to present the best version of themselves.

Seeing a prosperous business opportunity, Bunga Aesthetic Clinic & Laser Center has opened its newest clinic in Kedung Badak, Bogor. That’s not enough, Bunga Aesthetic Clinic & Laser Center also plans to open another clinic in February 2023 in Alam Sutra, Tangerang.

Bunga, Owner of Bunga Aesthetic Clinic & Laser Center says, “Bunga Aesthetic Clinics are also avaliable in Jatiasih, Bekasi City, and Pancoran Mas, Depok City so that we can embrace all levels of society. This is in line with Bunga Aesthetic Clinic’s tagline that everyone has the right to be the best version of theirselves.”

She mentions that Bunga Aesthetic Clinic & Laser Center offers a complete range of beauty treatments for hair, face and the whole body. The clinic also introduces Magic Step as its featured treatment.

Magic Step treatment provides various benefits including creating radiant facial skin, slimming chubby cheeks, destroying fat in the face and body area as well as helping to overcome dark spots, melasma, acne, and pockmarks, and many more. Therefore, Magic Step can be the answer for the surrounding community thanks to maximum results without taking a long time.

Apart from the Magic Step treatment, Bunga Aesthetic Clinic also has a treatment using advanced technology, namely Pico Laser. This treatment uses a highly advanced laser technology to disguise and fade dark spots, melasma and acne scars on the skin, as well as brighten facial skin, make skin feel more supple and increase collagen production.

Besides being used on facial skin, Pico Laser is also useful for overcoming blackish lip colors and brightening pale lip colors and moisturizing dry lips.

“The combination of Magic Step treatment & Pico Laser offers practical, painless treatment in a short time but with maximum results. Hopefully, the presence of Bunga Aesthetic Clinic & Laser Center can be a solution for everyone to become the best version of themselves,” says Bunga.

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