Byugen Skincare Introduces Luminous Anti-Aging

Aesthetics Daily – Byugen Skincare which is under the auspices of PT Arshaka Ampuh Semesta has introduced its first series of skincare products, Byugen Luminous Anti-Aging. This coincided with the Soft Launching of Byugen Skincare on Saturday (17/12) at Seribu Rasa, Summarecon Bekasi.

The skincare brand was founded by three friends, Putri Cucu Pratama as Commissioner, Rika Fransiska as CEO as well as Beauty Specialist, and Regina Dayu as Financial Director.

“We also express our highest appreciation to all parties who have worked hard, dedicated their hearts and minds, made every effort, so that finally the natural skin care brand, Byugen Skincare is now here in our midst,” said Regina Dayu Anggraeni.

Dr. Rika Fransiska, M.Kes., AIFO., Dipl. Cibtac as Beauty Specialist of Byugen explained that Byugen Skincare products has been produced through a series of research for more than 3 years. Starting its development since last May 2019, Byugen has gone through a long series of research processes with dermatologists.

Researching and finding high-quality natural ingredients that suit the skin types of Indonesian people is one of the challenging experiences the research team faced.

After going through a long and mature series of research, Byugen Luminous Anti-Aging skincare series has finally been successfully launched. This product range consists of Facial Wash Luminous Fresh, Luminous Night Cream, Toner Glow Beauty, Luminous Anti-Aging Serum, and Luminous Day Cream.

Benefits of Byugen Skincare

Dr. Rika explained that Byugen Skincare uses natural ingredients including Aloevera which is enriched with premium Saffron ingredients as antioxidants, and special mineral ingredients for anti-aging. “What’s special is that it contains vegetable stem cell technology. We mix it through an international standard production process to ensure the natural ingredients quality is maintained.”

Byugen Luminous Anti-Aging skincare product range is formulated to help brighten the face, give radiance to facial skin, and help reduce signs of premature skin aging including wrinkles, fine lines, and panda eyes.

Furthermore, Dr. Rika added, ‚ÄúSince the beginning, we have been committed to presenting safe, high-quality natural skin care products. We have been testing this product for more than one year. There are BPOM-certified tester products to be used on various skin types and many ages of users.”

Not only that, Byugen Skincare with other natural ingredients can treat acne-prone skin and help disguise black spots and acne scars. Byugen Luminous Anti-Aging skincare products can be used from a young age. Users are advised to use a complete range of products to get maximum results.

“We are optimistic that Byugen Skincare products can provide benefits for Indonesian natural skin care. Hopefully in the future, Byugen Skincare can become a friend among a sea of other skincare products. Insya Allah, our products will be the right choice for consumers who want safe products with natural ingredients,” said Regina.

On the same occasion, Putri Cucu Pratama said, “Hopefully, Byugen Skincare products can become friends of Indonesian skin. This is a natural skin care product that faithfully provides ultimately perfect skin comfort, health, and beauty for its users.”

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