9 Challenging Jobs for Women in the Beauty Industry

Aesthetics Daily – The beauty industry is one sector that never stops growing. Since the past until now, the beauty industry has needed personnel or human resources who have special skills to keep the business moving. For those who have the appropriate skills, this industry is the right field to earn income.

The real picture of a thriving beauty industry is that the types of jobs are increasingly diverse. There are several professions that have always existed from the past until now. On the other hand, many professions have existed lately along with the development of the digital era. The emergence of several new professions was never thought of before, but it invites the spotlight at this time.

In this article, we’ve rounded up 9 of the most challenging professions in the beauty industry that are especially suited for women. The list will start from the new in the current era, to the never before. It could be, jobs in the field of beauty will continue to grow along with the times.

Types of Jobs in the Beauty Industry

1. Jobs for women – Aesthetic Doctor

This profession requires high qualifications where one must complete education in the Department of Medicine. They generally work in beauty clinics or hospitals that provide beauty services. Basically, aesthetic doctor is a term that refers to a general or specialized practitioner who is certified in the field of dermatology.

In practice, aesthetic doctors who are assisted by beauticians serve various medical-grade procedures with the help of advanced technology including laser treatments, intense pulsed light (IPL), chemical peels, microdermabrasion, radio frequency (RF), ultrasound, Ultherapy, and so on.

2. Jobs for women – Makeup artist (MUA)

Makeup artist or often called MUA is also one of the professions that gets the spotlight in the midst of a rapidly growing digital era. It’s easy to access photos of their work on social media platforms like Instagram, for example.

Social media is a place or medium for them to promote and display the created works. There are so many makeup artists looking for even though the schedule is full. Their specialty can range from makeup for weddings and special occasions, to modeling, film, or advertising shoots.

The capital to become a trusted MUA is certainly not cheap. But don’t worry, MUA will be able to gain rupiah, especially for those who have already gained popularity. Learning to become an MUA can be done by self-taught to take beauty courses.

3. Jobs for women – Hairstylist

This profession is also very synonymous with the beauty industry. The figure of a hairdresser or hairdresser must always be there, especially in a beauty salon. A hairdresser is also not just anyone. They must know how to style hair that matches the client’s face.

Often they must also be able to adapt and accommodate the wishes or needs of the client. For this reason, the hairdresser profession is also in great demand because of its abilities that no one else has. Income? Certainly not small. And it can be used as a main source of income.

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4. Jobs for women – Beauty therapist

Furthermore, the money-making profession in the beauty industry is a beauty therapist. Not just anyone can become a beauty therapist. In addition to having professional expertise in handling various beauty treatments, a beauty therapist must especially be friendly and relaxed.

The job of a beauty therapist is to provide beauty treatments such as facial and body treatments for clients. So, if you have the required skills and are interested in beauty treatments, you can become a beauty therapist.

5. Jobs for women – Beautician/esthetician

Skin care specialists (esthetician/beautician) are those who have taken special certifications to study medical and skin care aspects. Their daily job is to provide consultations and offer recommended products to improve clients’ skin health.

Usually, they work in beauty clinics or medical spas and perform several beauty treatments such as peels, masks, or scrubs to enhance one’s appearance.

6. Jobs for women – Nail technician

If you are a patient, detailed person, and really like nail beauty, then you can make a nail technician as your source of income. Above average abilities must be mastered such as doing manicure, pedicure, to cuticle care.

One’s creativity becomes an important factor to pursue this career. The great demand for beautiful nails that seems endless makes a nail technician have bright prospects.

7. Jobs for women – Beauty advisor

Unlike the beauty therapist, the profession as a beauty advisor (BA) or beauty consultant is usually attached to a particular brand. That is, beauty consultants (beauty advisors’/consultants) are needed by large companies as their direct representatives to serve consumers.

They usually work behind a cosmetic or makeup department store counter and provide advice to customers regarding the beauty product range. Because they are dealing directly with customers, they must achieve the company’s sales targets.

8. Jobs for women – Beauty blogger/vlogger

The digital era is developing rapidly. Becoming a Youtuber is even the dream of young people in the millennial era. The existence of a digital world that is connected to the internet provides a lot of new space for many professions that has never existed before. One of them is a beauty blogger/vlogger.

There are many advantages of being a blogger/vlogger. They can earn dollars through digital works produced. We can say: they do their hobby to make money. Flexible hours are another advantage. They can work, or do their hobbies, wherever and whenever they like. The important thing is that their creativity continues to spin.

Another plus, a beauty blogger usually becomes a role model through their works, is considered a reliable guide in choosing beauty products. Therefore, they are also called “beauty gurus” or “beauty influencers”. However, the profession as a beauty blogger is not as smooth as it seems.

To produce content that continues to be interesting, they have to spend a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, the intense competition in the midst of the digital era that requires them to always produce updated content and follow the prevailing trends so as not to be left behind.

9. Jobs for women – Model

Professional modeling has long been considered one of the prestigious professions. Having good looks and stylish ability, models are also required to be creative. The models are not only limited to showing off the latest fashion collections on the catwalk during fashion shows.

There are so many fields in the beauty industry that require a model as the main portrait to highlight the product being promoted. In the midst of the proliferation of products sold in the market, a model has a great opportunity to bring in a lot of money.

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