Dermaster Clinic Launches Dermalicious + Mesoline Fat & Hydrafacial Keravive Treatment

Dermaster Clinic Indonesia introduces “Dermalicious + Mesoline Fat”, a Slimming Program with a combination of healthy food and treatment. At the same time, Dermaster Clinic Indonesia also introduces its another newest treatment, “Hydrafacial Keravive”.

Several well-known celebrities who have become Faces of Dermaster joined in celebrating the launch of Dermaster’s latest services which was held on Wednesday, 16 November 2022 at Dermaster Crystal Menteng Branch, Central Jakarta. They are Iis Dahlia, Kriss Hatta, Krina Mukti, Irgi Fahrezi, GE Pamungkas, Angelica Simperler, Mama Ella, Chef Eddy, and several other famous┬ápublic figures.

Dermalicious itself is part of the Slimming Program of Dermaster Clinic Indonesia. This program is also supported by treatments and supplements that help optimize the slimming process. The slimming program that uses advanced technology is equipped with routine and regular consultation facilities with a nutrition specialist.

Dr. Jessy Suryadi as Head Doctor of Dermaster Clinic Network explained the advantages of the slimming program at Dermaster. “Dermalicious is supervised by a nutrition specialist. We create special programs according to the patient’s needs so that the weight loss results are more optimal and more certain.”

Apart from launching Slimming Program, Dermaster also introduces a new technology hair treatment called Hydrafacial Keravive. This is a treatment for scalp health by exfoliating, cleaning and hydrating the scalp.

This treatment uses various combinations of serums that have growth factor and healing effects to increase blood circulation and keratin production as well as provide maximum nutrition for the scalp and hair roots.

“The purpose of Hydrafacial Keravive is to focus on scalp health. This treatment helps remove dead skin cells on the scalp, overcomes fungus and cleans the scalp more proportionally,” said Dr. Voni Papang Hartono as Medical Executive Committee of Dermaster Clinic.

Dr. Christopher Andrian, M. Gizi, SpGK as Dermalicious Nutrition Specialist said that those who are overweight or obese usually have an indiscriminate diet. Examples include not eating at all or only eating fruit and vegetables. “In fact, it will lead to protein deficiency resulting in hair loss.”

“I really hope that this can change people’s perception that people on a diet don’t always have to eat small portions of food with bad taste. But this is more about a balanced composition of food. The food is still delicious with filling portions, but has smaller calories,” Dr. Christopher said.

“When this eating pattern has become a habit of one’s life, this will also have an impact on the health of the body,” he added.

Iis Dahlia, one of the celebrities who received the treatment, admitted that she has a very busy schedule. Apart from maintaining a healthy body by eating nutritious and healthy food and drinking enough water, Iis also needs beauty treatments for her facial skin and whole body.

Iis Dahlia revealed that specialized beauty treatments made her feel more confident especially when appearing in public. For her, Dermaster Clinic offers a broad range of treatments that are really needed by her. “Hence, there is a budget to get a series of treatments.”

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