Development of Cosmetic Ingredients from Indigenous Indonesian Plants

Aesthetics Daily – The beauty industry in Indonesia is currently showing very significant growth. Data from Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) shows that in the past five years there have been 226,684 products registered in the cosmetics category in Indonesia. That means, market interest in beauty products and the number of local beauty products in Indonesia are showing a remarkable progress.

To help bring the Indonesian cosmetics industry to a global scale, COSMAX Indonesia as a subsidiary company of COSMAX Group which is a global cosmetics manufacturer based in South Korea, is collaborating with Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). They have conducted a series of research on the cultivation of typical Indonesian plants which have the great potential to be the main raw materials for cosmetic products.

COSMAX Indonesia has carried out a series of integrated collaborations with several leading universities in Indonesia, IPB is one of them. This collaboration is realized by combining the wealth of typical Indonesian plants with Korea’s leading modern cosmetic technology.

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Furthermore, this collaboration was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on 29 November 2022 involving COSMAX Indonesia and IPB Faculty of Agriculture. In addition, COSMAX Indonesia and IPB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on December 6, 2022 regarding “Cultivation of Indonesian Typical Plants for Cosmetic Raw Materials”. There was also the inauguration of the IPB – COSMAX Smart Green Farm collaboration.

COSMAX Indonesia and IPB are to carry out several activities in the form of joint research by establishing a Smart Green Farm as a research facility for plant cultivation. Then, these raw materials will be researched to be developed into cosmetic raw materials that can be adapted to the needs of the skin types of Indonesians and the Southeast Asian.

In the future, these raw materials will be distributed globally to several countries through the COSMAX Network. Then, COSMAX will also cooperate with IPB for the internship program and career fair.

“The collaboration between COSMAX and universities in Indonesia is one of the big breakthroughs to maximize the potential of students and the local cosmetics industry in Indonesia. This opportunity is a good step to present Indonesia’s natural wealth and unique plants to the global realm,” explained the IPB Faculty of Agriculture Representative.

The event was also attended by Mr. Lee Kyung-Soo as Group Chairman of COSMAX Group, Cheong Min-Kyoung as President Director of COSMAX Indonesia, and Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, S.P, M.Si as Chancellor of IPB, and several other related parties of COSMAX and IPB.

“COSMAX Group has a leading R&I center capable of researching and developing cosmetic raw materials and formulations. Armed with the capabilities that we have, we want to broaden our understanding of the characteristics of Indonesian people’s skin and the potential raw materials for native Indonesian plants. It aims to present the potential legacy of the Indonesian cosmetics industry to the global world,” said Cheong Min-Kyoung.

COSMAX Indonesia believes that this collaboration will have a positive impact, especially for the development of the local cosmetics industry in the future. This effort is also supported by IPB’s ability in the field of agricultural development, so that it can provide breakthrough innovations in renewable Indonesian cosmetics industry.

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