10 Effective Ways to Attract New Clients to a Beauty Salon/Spa

Aesthetics Daily – Customers are the main asset that supports your salon to stay in business. In addition to trying to increase customer retention, salon owners must also find the best way to attract new customers as well.

If customer retention is determined by how well you serve customers, then finding new customers is about how you persuade potential customers to try the service. These are people who have never been to a salon before. Attracting new clients to a beauty salon/spa certainly requires some efforts described in this article.

How to Attract Customers to a Salon/Spa

1. Getting salon Customers – Maximize social media marketing

The presence of popular social media such as Instagram and Facebook is very helpful for marketing programs. Instagram offers a friendly and authentic way to convey the uniqueness of a salon without the hassle of selling. Instead of using a personal Instagram profile, use a business profile.

An Instagram business profile allows you to get detailed statistics on content that has successfully caught your audience’s attention. Create a business profile carefully because potential new clients should look at the salon profile before they decide to follow your account.

In addition to Instagram, also take advantage of Facebook, which is still the largest social media to date. After all, Instagram is one of the social media owned by Facebook. So, the two are related to each other. On Facebook, you can create business pages and manage online ads that support digital marketing.

2. Getting salon Customers – Discovered by Google

Although social media plays an important role in building online interactions, it does not mean that Google’s role is forgotten. In fact, many people get important business-related information through the Google search engine. There are 3 main ways to increase your salon’s chances of being seen by Google: Google My Business, pay-per-click (PPC), and organic SEO.

You can use one of the three channels or combine them. But the easiest way you can do this is to use Google My Business where you can add business information to Google Maps, Search and other Google services.

You can add some useful information for potential customers including location, opening hours, phone number, and website address. Add some great photos featuring a beauty salon or spa. Update information regularly and encourage people to leave Google reviews.

3. Getting salon Customers – Offer new services

The dynamically developing beauty industry makes you have to think of innovative ways to get potential customers to come to the salon. Usually, customers will be interested and curious to try the latest services.

Therefore, think about and prepare the latest salon services and facilities that will make people interested in trying them. If you are still confused, you can ask the customer what needs to be served. This shows that you really hear the client’s needs and input.

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4. Getting salon Customers – Collaborate with beauty influencers

The role of influencers who are active on social media is getting stronger so it cannot be underestimated. In today’s internet era, many people tend to believe and listen to people’s opinions they idolize, including beauty influencers.

They have their own charisma and charm that can influence the thoughts and decisions of many people. Invite them to come to the salon and try the treatments you offer. After that, invite them to post activities while undergoing treatment at the salon.

5. Getting salon Customers – Host an Instagram Live

Instagram Live is the best way to connect with your audience in real time. You can easily capture a wider audience when you broadcast Instagram Live. All videos are placed at the beginning of Instagram Stories so any of your followers have more potential to watch them.

In addition, they will also get notifications when an Instagram live stream is running. To encourage participation, assign one specific theme to each Instagram Live. Then, give followers the opportunity to ask questions about a specific topic.

6. Getting salon Customers – Have a promotion & reward program

Usually people will be very enthusiastic when they hear an attractive promotional offer. You can provide various promotional programs, ranging from discounts, vouchers, cashback, coupons, giveaways to rewards. Through social media, hold contests or quizzes with some prizes.

Apart from increasing audience engagement, it can also attract new followers who may not have heard of your salon before. Implement some rules such as requiring participants to tag their friends, re-upload posts, and use custom hashtags.

7. Getting salon Customers – Ask for customer testimonials

Client reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook are essential for building trust. This move is also social proof that it can increase the salon’s ranking on local Google.

Good ratings and reviews give a strong impression that your salon is able to provide satisfactory service to its customers. At the same time, a good review will put Google on its top priority list.

8. Getting salon Customers – Use an online ordering platform

When clients order salon or spa services online, they tend to spend more money. This is a fact you must remember. Those who make online bookings and make appointments have carefully selected the services through the available salon menus.

Customers prefer a more flexible and efficient ordering step without having to explain verbally. This is why an online salon reservation system is so important. Customers can choose the service, stylist and visit schedule including day, date and time.

9. Getting salon Customers – Collaborate with local communities or businesses

Salon owners work and live in their communities. This means that salon owners need to contribute to the surrounding environment so that their business can continue to run. The usual way is to become a sponsor or donate to local events.

Your involvement in local activities will enhance the reputation of the business in the future. You can also invest time and thought where you can share your skills and experience with people in an event.

10. Getting salon Customers – Advertise

There are various kinds of advertisements that you can choose from, ranging from newspaper or magazine advertisements to online advertisements. Given that people tend to communicate and move on the internet, online advertising can be the most ideal choice among other types of advertising.

One of the most popular forms of advertising is PPC (pay per click) which stands for ‘pay per click’. This is an internet marketing model wherein advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on by someone. In principle, it is a way to get traffic to a website instantly without involving organic traffic.

Apart from PPC, you can also take advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads. By advertising on both platforms, you have a wider opportunity to reach specifically targeted customers. To be able to serve ads, you can use Facebook for Business.

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