Elsheskin Releases Purifying Hydra Toner to Treat Acne

Aesthetics Daily – Towards the turn of the year, Elsheskin has released its newest skincare product, Purifying Hydra Toner. This product launch coincided with National Shopping Day (Harbolnas) 12.12 with the theme “Biggest Deal Marathon”.

Cut Nisa Amalia, as Head of Marketing of Elsheskin explained, “Acne is the most common skin problem experienced by Indonesian people, so it requires extra attention and care so it doesn’t get more inflamed. For that reason, Elsheskin presents a new product, Purifying Hydra Toner.”

“This product is specially formulated with Skinssential Technology to control excess oil, soothe the skin instantly, prevent acne, and strengthen the skin barrier,” added Cut Nisa Amalia.

Elsheskin Purifying Hydra Toner uses highly nutritious ingredients that are essential for the skin to improve skin condition quickly. The ingredients contained in the Purifying Hydra Toner are as follows:

4% Acne Care Agent

It consists of Willow Bark Extract 1% (Acne Care) and Green Tea Leaf Extract 3%. Willow Bark Extract 1% has been proven effective as an anti-acne. With a starting dose of 0.3%, it functions as an anti-inflammatory. The natural properties of salicylic acid work as antimicrobials without causing irritation.

While Green Tea Leaf Extract 3% in green tea (linoleic acid) can reduce the size of microcomedones in acne. In addition, it has antimicrobial activity against P. acnes, pustules & papules. Meanwhile, the anti-sebum benefits reduce sebum production by 10% each week and prevent blackheads from appearing.

7 Botanical Complex (Plant Based Ingredients)

It consists of Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract to strengthen the skin barrier, Brassica to make skin supple and radiant, Witch Hazel for a refreshing effect, Sage Leaf to brighten, Peppermint to prevent clogging of pores due to excess oil secretion, Mistletoe Leaf which has anti-aging properties, and Lemon Balm Leaf to help control facial sebum production.

Based on the panelist research results, it is proven that regular use of Elsheskin Purifying Hydra Toner can increase hydration to the skin to the deepest pores instantly by 89%. It can also maintain skin elasticity, effectively controls facial oil for 8 hours and calm reddish skin quickly.

Elsheskin Purifying Hydra Toner can also be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. To optimize the results, there is another series of acne series, namely Elsheskin Blemish Relief Spot Care, which can help relieve reddish, inflamed acne and breakouts quickly.

This product contains 8 main ingredients, including Tea Tree which is known to help reduce inflammation and kill the Cutibacterium Acnes bacteria which causes acne to grow and develop more.

It’s worth noting, acne-prone and oily skin still needs to use moisturizer. There is Elsheskin Hydra Boost Oil Free Moisturizer with a light texture that can reduce excess oil.

Elsheskin Purifying Hydra Toner for IDR 139,000 is available at Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, Sociolla and the nearest cosmetic shop starting December 12, 2022.

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