Fruitywax Opens Its 10th Salon at Mall@Bassura, East Jakarta

Aesthetics Daily – Fruitywax Indonesia opened its new branch located at Mall@Bassura, East Jakarta on Saturday 10 December. The ribbon cutting by Chita Darnis as CEO of Fruitywax marked the official opening of Fruitywax’s 10th branch. Previously, Fruitywax has already had a number of branches spread across Jabodebek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok and Bekasi), Sumatera and Bali.

Fruiywax itself is a beauty salon that offers a variety of excellent treatments, waxing is one of them. More than that, Fruitywax also provides several other beauty treatments including face acupressure, manicure and pedicure, body treatment, and others.

Novita Polii as Marketing Manager of Fruitywax explains that the 10th branch is managed by the company itself. “Previously there have been in Kuningan City, One Bell Park, Margo City, Grand Galaxi City, in the Cibubur area, and Botani Square.” There are three types of Fruitywax ownership systems including holding, franchise and partnership.

During Covid-19 pandemic, three Fruitywax outlets were forced to close, one of which is its outlets in Botani Square, Bogor, West Java. “After the pandemic, Fruitywax was originally planned for us to just close, only the franchise and partnership systems would continue. In other words, this would be transferred to other parties. Masha Allah, thanks to God’s way, Fruitywax finally revives,” says Novita.

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Even though it was prevoously in a slump, Fruitywax has been able to get back up by opening an outlet in Cibubur, East Jakarta this year. Therefore, Fruitywax echoes the campaign until the end of this year that Fruitywax has risen. “From there, we will then open in Dumai, Sumatera, then close this year here (Mall@Bassura),” adds Novita.

According to the plan, in 2023, Fruitywax outlets which have been closed including at Botani Square (Bogor) and Margo City (Depok) will re-open. Novita Polli explains that Fruitywax outlet at Mall@Bassura had started to open since Thursday 8 December 2022, but recently held a grand opening on Saturday 10 December 2022.

Fruitywax at Mall@Bassura provides a 30 percent discount. as a form of promotion as well as an effort to please customers, for one week since the opening. This month, Fruiywax is providing a special price, Brazilian Wax for IDR 99,000 on 22 December 2022 for mothers and expectant mothers. Meanwhile, the price for treatment at Fruitywax varies from IDR 75,000.

Natural Ingredients

The presence of Fruitywax started with Chita Darnis who was looking for a waxing salon with natural and hygienic ingredients at an affordable price. Then, Chita tried various types of waxing treatments until finally she felt the need to make an innovation and a new breakthrough as for waxing.

After a series of research and trials, an innovative breakthrough was realized in the form of sugar wax made from natural ingredients such as fruits which are useful for all skin types. As the business continues, Fruitywax becomes a one stop beauty salon that offers a variety of treatments in one place.

Novita Polli says, “We have various variants of fruit, including strawberries, honey, melon, green tea, chocolate, kiwi, blueberry, bubblegum. Each of them offers different benefits.” Amazingly, sugar wax made from natural ingredients can even be eaten.

Treatments at Fruitywax are claimed to be safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as those with sensitive skin. Not only for women, waxing treatments at Fruitywax are also intended for men. Waxing is a technique for removing unwanted hair involving the use of a special liquid or heated caramel sugar.

There are various types of wax, but what Fruitywax uses is soft wax. Waxing treatments help the hair on the body grow longer and smoother. Waxing does not leave marks on the skin and does not itch the treated area.

Fruitywax also provides face treatments including face acupressure and various face masks. What’s more, there are body treatments including reflexology, body massage, body spa, dry spa, and back massage. Various treatments that are not only pampering but also healthy are performed by qualified therapists.

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