Garnier Implements Green Science in Product Innovation

Aesthetics Daily – Garnier’s commitment to advancing the beauty industry is realized by implementing Green Science. It is predicted to be a future beauty trend, in line with the youth’s sustainable lifestyle orientation.

From time to time, sustainable lifestyle trends in the beauty sector continue to grow. Recently, the phenomenon of conscious beauty has emerged. This describes consumers who are increasingly aware of choosing products that have applied the principles of sustainability to production, distribution and waste management processes that do not damage nature.

Green Science is a series of advanced scientific activities (such as biotechnology) that enable Garnier to develop and use ingredients and formulas that work optimally, but are also environmentally friendly.

This commitment was reaffirmed through the international event “Greener Never Stops” in Paris. This event was attended by Adrien Koskas as President of Garnier Global along with representatives of Indonesia and of 30 other countries. Agung Panditanegara as Brand General Manager of Garnier Indonesia, Vanesha Prescilla as Brand Ambassador for Garnier Indonesia, Dr. Danar Wicaksono Sp.DV as a dermatologist and Jovi Adhiguna and Astari Budi as representatives of beauty creators.

Agung said, in line with the Green Beauty commitment, Garnier has carried out a business transformation from upstream to downstream to ensure the sustainability of each production line. “Through Green Science, Garnier gives consumers a wise choice by answering two needs at once.”

“We produce eco-friendly beauty products by minimizing the impact on the environment, but also have natural ingredients and formulas that are clinically tested through scientific research to provide maximum results,” said Agung.

IDN Research Institute through “Indonesia Gen Z Report 2022” states that 66% of Gen Z are willing to spend more on sustainable products, 70% also feel responsible for the problem of the climate crisis.

Green Science focuses on five main things to create products with maximum efficacy, while minimizing environmental damage.

1. Using a formula with natural active ingredients based on research

In 2021, the number of Garnier formulas containing active ingredients, including Vitamin Cg and Hyaluronic Acid, and those obtained through Green Science processes has increased continually. It will work optimally to overcome skin problems, such as dull and dry skin.

2. Using a bio-based or derived from abundant minerals formula

Since 2016, Garnier has been trying to present products with bio-based formulas. This not only meets the needs of consumers, but also helps to save on the excessive use of natural resources.

3. Using a vegan-based formula that is certified Cruelty Free

By using vegan ingredients, Garnier provides formulas that are safe to use and avoid animal exploitation. All Garnier products have been officially approved by Cruelty Free International through Leaping Bunny program.

4. Contributing to reducing water use with a drier formula

From 2019 to 2021, Garnier has succeeded in reducing 13% of water use to help solve the problem of the world’s water crisis.

5. Minimizing environmental damage in the production process

Garnier strives continously to minimize environmental damage through more sustainable production processes. One effort is to control the laboratory so that it does not produce waste that pollutes the oceans.

There are three products formulated with Green Science for Indonesian consumers, including Garnier Bright Complete Anti-Acne Booster Serum with a 91% biodegradable formula and 66% bio-based ingredients, Garnier Bright Complete Booster Serum which contains Vitamin Cg from the results of biotransformation technology to brighten the skin, and Garnier Sakura Glow with a Hyaluronic Acid formula through a biotechnology process.

Garnier also seeks to answer consumer needs through “Product Impact Labeling” so that consumers can find out product formulas, basic packaging materials, and the product’s impact on the environment.

In addition, Garnier is working with eRecycle to recycle plastic waste. By 2022, Garnier and consumers have managed to recycle more than 240 tons of inorganic waste that does not end up in the Final Disposal Site (TPA).

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