Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic Employs a Mobile App to Serve Clients

Aesthetics Daily – One type of technology that is often used daily in today’s digital era is a mobile application that can be easily installed on everyone’s smartphone. In fact, the mobile app is very useful for getting a myriad of information, including about services and products, as well as making purchase transactions.

Seeing this great opportunity, Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic has introduced a mobile app called My Glafidsya. The development of this mobile application aims to maximize its services to patients. Various features and services are available for clients including online consultations with doctors, purchase of beauty products, and skin analyzers to determine the patient’s facial condition.

Dr. Reza Gladys, Dipl. AAAM explained, “Patients can consult with a team of doctors, and make an appointment to get treatment. Then, through this application, the patient can also buy products. The skin analyzer can also be used alone to find out how the patient’s facial condition is. In essence, this app brings doctors and patients closer together. Because skin problems are sensitive issues.”

The launch of My Glafidsya application coincided with the Reopening of Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic event which is located at Karapitan Street Number 100, Bandung in early October. This event was attended by Dr. Attaubah Mufid as Founder and CEO of Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic and Dr. Reza Gladys, Dipl. AAAM as well as several brand ambassadors and influencers.

Bearing the concept of “More Fresh, More Comfortable and More Luxurious”, Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic Bandung provides increasingly up-to-date services with sophisticated medical-grade devices. For your information, Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic, based in Jakarta, has a number of branches in Bandung, Surabaya, Kuningan, Medan, Lampung, Cianjur and Palembang.

Dr. Attaubah Mufid expressed his gratitude for the existence of Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic for 6 years in Bandung City. “Thank God, Alhamdulillah, Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic has been in Bandung for six years. Now it has moved to a new location on Karapitan Street.”

“The goal (of clinic reopening) is to provide the best service to our beloved patients, especially residents of the city of Bandung. With this new location, we are supported by more complete facilities, more complete treatment rooms and international standard devices,” added Dr. Attaubah Mufid.

He also expressed his gratitude to all patients and residents of the city of Bandung, who have always faithfully entrusted their treatment to Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic. Moreover, nowadays beauty treatments are not only needed by women but also men.

Dr. Attaubah Mufid prays and hopes that Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic can continuously be the first choice for Bandung residents and the best clinic in Bandung. “Most importantly, we are here as a solution for healthy and glowing skin.”

Meanwhile, Hj. Lina Marlina, the wife of the Deputy Governor of West Java, said that just like women, men also want their skin to look more radiant. “I congratulate the two extraordinary doctors on the Reopening of Glafidsya Aesthetic Clinic. Nowadays, women and men both want glowing skin.”

Lina Marlina hopes that the presence of Glafidsya Aesthetic Bandung will be a solution for men and women in Bandung who want to get beauty treatments. According to her, facial beauty is very important to support individual appearance.

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