How Reflexology Improve Your Physical & Mental Health

Aesthetics Daily – Daily activities require us to spend hours walking or standing each day. No matter where you are working or active, you are putting a lot of stress on your feet. To restore your fitness and body health, you need to do reflexology therapy.

Is reflexology safe to try? Reflexology is generally very safe even for people with serious health problems. However, you need to consult with a doctor if you have health problems such as blood clots in the legs, leg ulcers, gout or circulatory problems in the legs.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology bases the principle that there are areas and points on the feet, hands and ears that connect via the nervous system to the appropriate parts of the body. Pressure applied to these areas and points stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps restore homeostatic balance in the body.

Reflexology uses pressure instead of needles to activate specific points using the hand, thumb or finger technique. It is a centuries-old healing art that promotes better circulation, reduces existing pain, and helps the body’s work system to perform at its maximum. Reflexology can also help relieve pain during pregnancy and facilitate cancer treatment.

Also known as acupressure, reflexology enhances the body’s healing mechanism by applying pressure to specific points on the feet, ears, and hands. You can try these alternative remedies to treat sleep disorders, pain, stress, etc.

Reflexologists use special finger and thumb manipulations to stimulate reflex points on the human foot. There are about 7,000 nerve endings in the human foot, each of which is a reflex point that corresponds to a part of the body.

Advantages of Reflexology

1. Advantage of reflexology – Increasing nerve function

The nerve endings become insensitive with age. The functionality and flexibility of nerves and cells in various organs of the body can be improved by opening and clearing the neural pathways. Basically, nerve pathways are like muscles which are very beneficial and important for your health.

2. Advantage of reflexology – Relaxation

Reflexology works by opening neural pathways and giving the nervous system neuron activity. This process will relax your body and mind.

Thanks to these benefits, reflexology is often used to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia. At the same time, your body will be able to return to a healthy and normal circadian rhythm.

3. Advantage of reflexology – Increasing brain power

Information flows faster to your brain thanks to nerve stimulation and the opening of nerve pathways. This will help your brain to process information faster. As a result, your memory will also increase.

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4. Advantage of reflexology – Eliminating toxins in the body

The function of the bladder tract will be improved thanks to the smooth circulation of blood. The results you get, the body’s system is more efficient at eliminating toxins and other foreign substances. Your body will eventually avoid various diseases and health problems as a result of disruption of the urinary system.

5. Advantage of reflexology – Increasing blood circulation

Increasing blood circulation throughout your body is the most famous benefit of reflexology. This means that blood and oxygen are delivered around the body more efficiently.

The vital organ systems and your body’s metabolism will also be more optimal thanks to increased blood circulation. While oxygen is sent throughout the body which results in faster healing and aids in the regrowth of damaged cells.

6. Advantage of reflexology – Increasing metabolism

The functionality of many of your body’s organs will increase, resulting in a better metabolism. That way, you will get more energy in your body. So, if you often feel lethargic and less excited then reflexology can be the right choice.

7. Advantage of reflexology – Soothing pain

The amazing benefits that you get from reflexology are the reduction of various types of pain such as headaches, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, and migraines. Reflexology relieves tension in muscles that often lead to painful conditions.

8. Advantage of reflexology – Reducing discomfort due to menstruation

During pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS, most women suffer from headaches, bloating, fatigue, and irritability. Doing reflexology every day can overcome these symptoms. To treat PMS and menopause symptoms, pay attention to the spot known as Grandfather Grandson.

This point is the inner creek where your thumb meets your foot. For a few minutes, apply firm but gentle pressure with warm oil to treat the symptoms.

9. Advantage of reflexology – Reducing anxiety and depression

A hormone released by neurons called serotonin can increase happiness. Low levels of these hormones can lead to bad moods and depression. Massaging the tops of the toes can increase serotonin production.

There are also several other hormones that play an important role in emotions such as adrenal, hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal. Massage your feet for a few minutes to stimulate reflex points can relieve stress, depression and anxiety.

10. Advantage of reflexology – Lowering blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure that affects millions of people around the world can cause stroke, kidney and cardiovascular disease. It has been shown that reflexology can reduce systolic blood pressure and triglycerides effectively.

Massage the solar plexus point, which can be found easily by pressing on each side of the foot. Press the point with your thumb for a few seconds.

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