How Salon Employees Give Better Service to Customers

Aesthetics Daily – Beauty salon staff including receptionists, hairstylists, therapists to managers is not an easy job. They become the face of a company that is required to do many things and convey a positive image of the company. Salon employees are not only required to have an attractive appearance, but also good knowledge of the products and services that each salon offers.

Some consumers say that good customer service is a very important factor when choosing a trusted salon. Knowledge of salon staff is one of the reasons customers choose salons. Some customers also say that they can hardly trust salon employees who do not have basic knowledge of the products offered and cannot provide their customers with adequate information.

In addition, in terms of business, many people are starting to compete to open a beauty salon. Therefore, many salon owners must be smarter to make better marketing strategies for their salons. For example, the salon can offer something different that other salons don’t have. That way, consumers will be more loyal and always interested in visiting the salon.

Salon Customer Service

1. Salon customer service – Provide service with a smile

As you know, a smile has a strong first impression. As a good salon employee, always smiling is an obligation.

Not only when greeting customers, every staff must also smile every time they serve customers. That way, customers will become more comfortable and feel valued.

2. Salon customer service – Provide customer personal consultation

Being a personal consultant for customers means recommending suitable products according to customer needs. There is no weight in giving an honest opinion.

Just say “bad” or “not good” if that’s an actual fact. Do not forget to provide an acceptable reason, in order to increase customer confidence in customer service.

3. Salon customer service – Use the right words

In particular, to express personal opinions, staff are encouraged to use appropriate words when talking to customers.

Also replace words that have a negative connotation with a more positive meaning. That way, customers will be happier and appreciate you as a professional salon employee.

4. Salon customer service – Call the customer’s name

Calling or greeting a customer by name is a small thing but giving a big impact. Customers will feel special when they know that you remember them right.

Remembering the customer’s name is one of the keys to building a close relationship. This will reflect that you feel comfortable and care about the relationship that exists between the customer and you.

how to give better best customer service beauty spa salon receptionist

5. Salon customer service – Offer trial service

Offering a product or service on a trial never hurts. For example, offering facial treatments or hair treatments with the latest techniques or products, or hair coloring with the latest selected products. This can indirectly encourage customers to spend more of their money at your salon.

6. Salon customer service – Collect customer’s personal information

It never hurts for salon staff to find out and collect customer personal information. Gather information about the customer’s name, home address, phone number, and date of birth. Then, give compliments in the form of special greetings and/or promotions on his birthday. This can be a plus in the eyes of customers.

Customers will feel cared for and feel comfortable with the services you provide. Not only that, this effort will also strengthen relationships with customers. And, it can also make your salon different from the others.

7. Salon customer service – Remember all available customer information

It would be nice if a good salon employee didn’t just remember what customers do on a regular basis when it comes to salons. Also remember your last conversation with a visiting customer, their birthday, their hobby, vacation, or even a wedding anniversary.

That way, your connection as a salon employee with customers will be closer. Customers will feel impressed with you and will not hesitate to return to visit the salon where you work.

8. Salon customer service – Providing drinks

Providing drinks can pamper salon customers comfortably. Instead of asking customers what they want to order, study and find what they need.

Allow customers to take their time and look at the menu that is served. That way, they’re more likely to order what’s on the menu.

9. Salon customer service – Praise customers

Basically, everyone likes to be complimented. Giving honest compliments to customers makes them feel good and creates a positive experience.

You can compliment the customer’s appearance after doing facial treatments at the salon or praise the customer’s on time arrival.

10. Salon customer service – Remind customers of their promise

Nowadays, many customers choose to make an appointment in advance, prior to their arrival. Reminding customers of promises they have made is an obligation.

Don’t forget to confirm the appointment made by the customer a day or a few hours before their schedule.

11. Salon customer service – Extensive knowledge

Salon employees must not only have an attractive appearance, but also have a polite demeanor and a good way of speaking. They must also have extensive knowledge. The savvy beauty salon staff are knowledgeable about the products, promotions and services the salon has to offer.

In addition, the staff’s knowledge of what is happening outside the salon can be a plus in the eyes of customers. Wider knowledge, not only about salons, can reflect high personal qualities.

12. Salon customer service – Provide the best service

Providing the best service to customers sincerely can make them feel comfortable with the services provided. This not only has an impact on your customers in the long run, but also has a positive impact on your work environment.

By continuing to provide the best service to customers, don’t be surprised if your salon sales will increase. And, customers will be more satisfied with salon services and come to the salon at a later time.

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