How to Select the Perfect Location for Your Beauty Salon / Spa

Aesthetics Daily – In the early stages of building a business, one of the most important decisions you make is choosing a location for your beauty salon or spa. As a salon owner, you certainly want to get a location in an area that is easily accessible via the main road. A good location with a lot of traffic and an easily accessible parking lot are other important considerations.

In addition, the ideal salon location should be close to other retail businesses such as shopping centers, office centers or colleges. They can incidentally bring clients to your salon any time. Office workers can just stop by your salon at lunch time or after work. Or, people visit your salon after they shop.

Tips for Choosing Salon / Spa Location

1. Easy to access

When choosing a salon location, it is important for you to consider how easily anyone can find your salon. Your salon should be easily accessible by car, motorbike, public transportation or pedestrians. Especially if you already have a sufficient client base who will visit your salon regularly.

Choose a salon location that is on the main road or in a busy area to attract potential customers. This will certainly make it easier for anyone who wants to do treatments at your salon. Better yet, if you get a location in a famous area.

Make sure that the lighting outside the salon is good enough. Besides making it easier for clients to be able to find your salon, they will also feel safe every time. This is important for you to pay attention to considering that many clients prefer to come to the salon in the evening or night.

You also need to think about how clients park their cars when they go to the salon. If your salon is located in a shopping center this might not be a problem because they generally provide a large parking area.

2. Research competitors

It is important for you to note how many other salons there are in your area. Find out the services they offer, the treatment costs, and their strenghts and weaknesses. Make sure that you look at a niche market that you can get in. Give your service a differentiation that makes people want to try it.

This differentiation of products and services is important so that your salon has a uniquenes that other salons do not necessarily have. If your service is the same as other salons then you will find it difficult to compete with them. Instead of wanting to beat competitors, you have to focus on how you can improve services for customers and create new innovations.

3. Get to know local customers

Before opening your salon, make sure you have done market research especially around the chosen location. This is a good way for you to know exactly what type of clients who will visit the salon. Consider whether the services and products you offer appeal to them.

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Once you know who your target audience is, it’s time for you to style the salon according to their tastes. If you want to attract young clients, choose a salon location in the downtown area. Conversely, if your salon is targeting an older clientele, a location slightly out of town would be better.

4. Determine the size of salon space

You need to balance between several considerations. On the one hand, you want a space that may not be too big so you can buy or rent it comfortably. While on the other hand, you expect space that allows you to provide maximum services to customers in the hope that clients may continue to increase over time.

The size of salon space will depend on your business plan, including your budget and business objectives that you want to achieve. Therefore, make sure you check it often for careful consideration. If you want to provide more salon treatments, then you will need more space.

You don’t want your clients feel confined because the salon space that you have is very small. Especially if they have to queue for several minutes to hours. Not to mention the room has to accommodate the various equipment. You have to make sure that the clients feel as comfortable as possible when they are at the salon.

But you also don’t want to have a salon space that is too large because there will be a lot of unused empty space. Especially if you don’t have a large number of customers. Therefore, plan carefully before you invest.

5. The cost of opening a salon

The cost of setting up a salon depends on many factors, one of which is location. If you want to open a salon in a city center or a densely populated area, then you have to spend more money. While locations that are on the outskirts of city commonly need lower costs.

You may wish to open a salon in a specific location that is strategically easy for clients to reach. But you should make sure that you have a sufficient budget. Also take into account that you can afford to pay rent on top of employee salaries and bills even during low season.

6. Local regulations

Each city, district and region has its own unique regulations that can affect business owners. It is important for you to know every regulation that applies in the area where your salon is located. Therefore, you need to go to the city hall for further information.

You may want to hang the signage outside the salon to catch the attention of passers-by or drivers. Some special elements or ornaments may also be needed to add interest. Find out if there is a jurisdiction that regulates it before you actually install it. If you ignore this, chances are that your salon will get a reprimand or other consequences.

7. Other businesses around the salon

The success of your salon can be determined by other businesses around it. The reason is, businesses around your salon can help or block pedestrian traffic. Salons adjacent to other businesses will be more able to attract customers.

If your salon is in a shopping center or mall, there will be a chance that visitors will stop by the salon. You are also considering opening a salon near office or business centers. This opens up great opportunities for your salon to be visited by office workers or business people.

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