8 Things You Must Prepare to Open a Beauty Salon

Aesthetics Daily – Are you interested in doing business in the beauty industry? One profitable business in the beauty industry is salon. However, before opening a beauty salon, there are many things that you must prepare carefully, from preparing a marketing plan to allocating funds.

If you have enough capital to open a beauty salon business, you must use it efficiently. There are several allocations of funds that you must prepare for the opening of a new salon. To open a salon, you will need the necessary business license in your area. If you plan to sell a product, you’ll also need a seller’s license.

Next, you have to find a place to rent or buy. You also need to prepare an employee’s monthly salary, various kinds of salon equipment and insurance to protect your business legally.

Steps to Open a Beauty Salon

1. Develop a salon business plan

The first step when starting any business including a beauty salon is to write a well thought out business plan. It gives you clear goals, outlines how you will achieve your business goals, and gives you clear instructions on what needs to be done for your business to succeed.

A business plan helps entrepreneurs to consider all aspects of the business. You will also have a clue on how you should weigh your finances before you invest a lot of money and time in a salon.

A good understanding of the salon market in the area where you do business is an important point before you start up a salon business. This will help you plan your marketing effectively so that your business can compete with other existing salons. Also, think about the audience you want to target.

2. Understand local laws & regulations

Laws and regulations that apply from place to place vary. The type of salon you run also affects the rules you have to follow. For example, a salon that only provides hair care is different from a salon that also offers massage or facial treatments.

Make sure you comply with the laws and regulations that apply in each state. Make adjustments as early as possible to avoid possible cessation of operations or payment of fines. Some of the general licenses and permits required for a salon include a salon license, Employer Identification Number, Building Permit, OSHA requirements, and a cosmetology license.

3. Choose the right salon location

The biggest expense in opening a salon is renting or buying a building in the right location. There are several considerations in determining the location of the salon. One of them, its location is in a strategic place that is densely populated. In addition, your salon is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Also, make sure your salon is far enough away from competitors that offer similar services. However, it will be a little different if you rent a place at a mall or shopping center where one salon to another can be next door.

steps tips how to open start run beauty spa salon business successfully

4. Recruit reliable staff

Basically, beauty salons are all about how you provide the best service to customers. Therefore, it is important that you find skilled, knowledgeable and friendly staff. You need to invest time and money in staff training and motivation.

Taking the time to thoroughly train employees will help the business run smoothly. The reputation of your salon will also increase thanks to the best service provided by your employees.

5. Prioritize customers

It is important for you to place your customers as one of the most important business assets. You must have a clear vision of what you want customers to experience and feel when using the service.

Gather feedback from clients about what they really need. Explain in your business plan how best to meet their needs. Show customers that you value their input. It doesn’t stop there, you need to take immediate action if there are complaints from customers.

6. Set a reasonable price

When you are first starting a business, it can be difficult to get the right price. You need to do a little research to get a rough idea of ​​the price that matches the quality of the service you provide. Therefore, it is important to know the audience you want to target. The price you set does not always refer to the prices charged by other salons around you.

7. Build relationships with distributors

You need to contact a distributor to get a number of salon equipment such as salon chairs, shampoo stations, salon backwash units for washing hair, hair care products and so on. To find the salon equipment you need, you can contact local distributors, wholesalers or national distributors with local agents.

Large wholesale distributors usually stock larger items such as salon chairs, backwash units or hair steamers. Meanwhile, small items such as hair care products can be found at local distributors or directly from the manufacturer.

8. Develop a salon marketing plan

The most important aspect in any business including salons is marketing. Because beauty salons are located in certain locations, it is important for you to focus more on the surrounding community. This way, you will be more likely to get loyal customers. To maximize revenue, you need to implement several marketing strategies.

Marketing techniques that you can do to attract customers are as follows:

  • Take advantage of social media. You can take advantage of the various advanced and attractive features provided by social media platforms to deliver offers,
  • Provide loyalty incentives. Loyal customers are entitled to special treatment such as discounts, cashback, vouchers or other offers,
  • Manage online reviews. Consumers tend to trust online ratings and reviews to check out local businesses, especially through Google,
  • Create a membership card. Every customer who has a member card has special rights such as discounted prices for certain treatments.


Every step in preparing for the opening of a beauty salon ensures that your business can run smoothly. Not only at the beginning, preparation for opening a salon also supports your business in the long term.

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