Indomie & Rabbit Habit Launches a Limited Series of Beauty Products

Aesthetics Daily – Maybe you have never imagined before if an instant noodle brand has collaborated with a beauty brand. But that’s what Indomie have done with Rabbit Habit where the two have collaborated for the first time.

This unique collaboration gave birth to a special product collection inspired by Indomie Goreng Original and Indomie Kuah Kaldu Ayam. Rabbit Habit x Indomie is a collaboration between two cross-cutting brands which shows that the two can complement each other. As we know, Rabbit Habit is a local cosmetic brand, while Indomie is known as a local instant noodle brand that has gone global.

Through this collaboration, the two brands hope that beauty enthusiasts can explore anything freely and appear more confident with the newly launched product collections. This collaboration is also to celebrate Indomie’s 50th Anniversary, in which the noodle brand carries out various ‘kolaboramie’ with a number of both local and international brands.

indomie rabbit habit collaboration new series beauty products series

Cherie Anisa Nuraini as Senior Brand Manager of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, at the launch event on Thursday (24/12) said, “Kolaboramie is a collaboration of inspiration that comes not only from Indomie, but also stories from our brand partners along with their various uniqueness.”

After going through a series of development and trials for approximately one year, Rabbit Habit x Indomie then has released a series of collections consisting of four beauty products as follows:

Active Collagen Essential Mask

This sheet mask is made according to the active and dynamic character of Indomie Goreng Original. It is formulated with adenosine, collagen and retinol which functions to slow down premature aging, reduce wrinkles, while maintaining skin elasticity.

In addition, it is also enriched with allantoin to soothe the skin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid complex to provide deep hydration, while making the skin feel plump and elastic.

indomie rabbit habit collaboration new series beauty products series

Calming Treatment Mask

This sheet mask comes with the relaxing and soothing character of Indomie Kuah Kaldu Ayam. The content of allantoin and aloe vera barbadensis functions to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Also equipped with panthenol to lock in moisture, Calming Treatment Mask makes skin look fresher and brighter.

Over The Moon All-In-One Face Palette

The face palette with Indomie Goreng Original characters that have bold color nuances including duo chrome eyeshadow which is suitable for bold makeup look fans. In it, there are various products available that can support full face makeup, including eyeshadow, highlighter, and lip and cheek. In addition, it is also equipped with jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and B vitamins to nourish the skin.

Moongazing All-in-One Face Palette

Different from the others, the face palette with Indomie Kuah Kaldu Ayam character has a soft feel that is suitable for a natural makeup look. Inside, it consists of a limited edition chrome duo, six-tone eyeshadow, two-tone lip and cheek, and highlighter. It also contains jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, and B vitamins which are useful for nourishing the skin.

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