Jankos Glow Released to Promote Radiantly Healthy Skin

Aesthetics Daily – Janice Tanujaya, a young entrepreneur from Surabaya, recently launched her skincare brand. The launch of this brand is based on Janice’s wish that Indonesian women can look beautiful and glowing, but at a cost that doesn’t drain their wallet.

“I am a (skincare) fan. So if I go abroad, or anywhere else, the first thing I look for is definitely skincare. This is because I want to try it, keep learning the ingredients in it. From there I thought to build my own brand,” explained Janice.

The Grand Launching of Jankos Glow which was held in mid-November was attended by famous actress Chaca Frederica, Dr. Kardiana Dewi as a skin and dermatology specialist. There were also a number of models and content creators including Febby Rendra, Kelly Kenina, Raudhah Nasution, Fahira Almira, Delmira Prabu, Fahira Almira, Dinda Azura, Jona Potgger, and Natrarahmani.

Jankos Glow, as explained by Janice, is inspired by the many skincare products on the market but the prices turned out to be expensive. This situation certainly makes it difficult for some people to get maximum facial care at an affordable price.

For this reason, Janice, who is a scholar at the University of California Irvine, decided to establish Jankos Glow. Even though this is a local brand, Janice ensured that her products are of high quality, safe and reliable.

For your information, Acne Series by Jankos Glow consists of a series of special treatments for acne. They include Sparkling Facial Foam, Acne Clarifying Water Toner, Ultimate Acne Fight Serum, Glowing White Day Cream, and Anti Acne Night Cream.

While Whitening Series by Jankos Glow consists of Sparkling Facial Foam, Luminous Miracle Water Toner, Super Glow Serum, Glowing White Day Cream, and Glowing White Night Cream.

Beneficial for helping the skin to be healthier and more radiant, Jankos Glow has natural ingredients including 7 summer flowers complex. In addition, the Jankos Glow product, which is 100 percent halal and dermatologically-tested, has been approved by Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), certified by Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

“Consumers don’t have to worry about incompatibilities or side effects from using the product,” added Janice. She emphasized her commitment to helping partners achieve success and prosperity. This can be attained by implementing highly profitable marketing policies through the provision of rewards and benefits as well as educational training.

Janice said, “I’m sure all people want to look beautiful. Therefore, good skincare is the foremost basis of glowing and healthy skin. Hopefully, Jankos Glow will continue to develop and be able to meet the needs of Indonesian people.”

At the same moment, Chaca Frederica thought that Jankos products are very suitable for her who wants to do simple skin care routine with satisfying results. Especially, a woman like herself who already has children but has quite busy activities. She admitted that she had tried all the variants of Jankos Glow product, which she thought are quite simple and hassle-free.

Meanwhile, dr. Kardiana Dewi, stated that Indonesian people actually need only two variants of skincare products, namely whitening and anti-acne. Therefore, she believed that before this product was launched, Jankos Glow had already conducted a series of surveys and trials.

“So (Jankos Glow) already knows the needs of the Indonesian people. First, they want their skin to look white,” she said. Then, she encouraged Indonesian people to realize the importance of facial care with the right products. Skincare products must contain ingredients that can make the skin easy to replace dead skin cells.

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