Klinik Dermapro SF Introduces Dolphin Skin Treatments

Aesthetics Daily– A number of well-known local celebrities gathered in Tanjung Duren area, West Jakarta, precisely at Klinik Dermapro SF. They were Catherine Wilson, Meriam Belina, Atalarik Syah, Livy Renata, Siti KDI, Mayang Fitri, Amel Alvi, and Jeremy Teti. What exactly were they doing there?

Klinik Dermapro SF introduced its newest beauty service called Dolphin Skin which is even well-known on the Europe in early December. When Dolphin Skin was first introduced in Indonesia, several local celebrities also tried it.

You need to know, Dolphin Skin is an innovative beauty treatment that helps skin become healthier, firmer, smoother, and more radiant. In Indonesia, there are several types of Dolphin Skin treatments offered including Dolphin Skin Facial, Dolphin Skin Body, Dolphin Skin Booster & Rejuve, Dolphin Lips Facial, and Dolphin Skin Infuse.

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Dr. Rocky Chua as one of the Owners and also the Head Doctor of Klinik Dermapro SF said that the superior Dolphin Skin is the latest upgrade from existing treatments with minimal side effects, shorter downtime and maximum results.

“As the name implies, dolphins, the appearance of the skin is (smooth like) a dolphin. So, the skin will be more moist and radiant. Those who have complaints of black pores can try it. After the treatment, the results can already be seen. The skin will become extraordinarily bright, and the pores are closed. One treatment can be used for various skin concerns,” explained Dr. Rocky Chua.

He revealed that Dolphin Skin treatment does not use dolphin oil or the like. It is named dolphin simply because it is inspired by the smooth and shiny skin of a dolphin. He described someone who had just stepped out of the ocean with a face that glistened like a dolphin’s skin, bright and youthful.

Meriam Belina, one of the celebrities who tried Dolphin Skin treatment, still looks young, especially on her face even though she is already in her 50s. To support her public appearances, Meriam is willing to spend a lot of money to get a series of treatments.

“God has given us good (skin) so we have to take care of it even though of course we still get old,” said Meriam. She admitted that she didn’t wear makeup but her face looked radiant after getting the treatment. Furthernore, Meriam said that she is not careless in choosing the right beauty clinic.

Apart from getting facial treatments, Meriam Belina also maintains her appearance by exercising and fulfilling her intake of nutritious food. “I do sports activities such as wall climbing, hiking. Meals are also regulated.”

On the other hand, Livy Renata stated that despite her young age, beauty treatments are very important to her. Moreover, she often appears in front of the camera. If the facial skin is not cared for properly it will look wrinkled, tired, and lack of shine.

At Klinik Dermapro SF, Livy Renata received several treatments including Dolphin Skin Infuse, Dolphin Skin Laser, and YoungLith. “Those function are to improve facial hydration so that the skin feels firmer. Apart from that, the lips also become more rosy,” said Livy.

Not only receiving beauty treatments, Livy Renata also maintains her beauty by doing sports, consuming good food and drinks including milk. Equally important, she also tries to keep her mind always positive by not listening to negative comments from netizens that likely provoke her emotions.

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