Laser Hair Removal Facts You Should Know

Aesthetics Daily – Fine hairs often grow on unwanted parts of the body. To remove unwanted hairs, beauty clinics dploy a scientific method with the latest technology called laser hair removal.

Before trying a series of laser hair removal treatments, you should understand some of the pros and cons described in this article. Thus, you will be more confident that you can get maximum results with laser hair removal.

1. The definition of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) and pulses. The main goal of laser hair removal treatment is to remove unwanted body hairs.

As the name suggests, laser hair removal uses laser technology that has been recognized for its safety level by medical experts. One of the laser hair removal machines that are often used in beauty clinics is the Nd YAG laser which has a wavelength of 1064nm and 532nm.

In addition, there is also intense pulsed light (IPL) which utilizes a high intensity light spectrum. In contrast to lasers that use one type of light wave, IPL uses several kinds of light waves over a wider area.

2. The advantages of laser hair removal

Suitable for all skin types, laser hair removal is most effective for people with light skin and dark hair. Laser hair removal is capable of destroying hair follicles to inhibit hair growth for a long period of time. This will keep certain specific body parts free of annoying hairs.

Another advantage, laser hair removal is safer and less painful than waxing treatments. In addition, laser hair removal uses advanced technology that is proven safe and is often used in the medical world.

Laser hair removal is generally offered at beauty clinics that are supported by experienced professional doctors. What is equally important, with the loss of body hair, the skin will look cleaner and smoother.

3. How laser hair removal works

During treatment, the laser transmits light that is absorbed by the pigment or melanin in the hair. Then, the light energy is converted into heat which has the ability to destroy the hair follicles. Thus, future hair growth will be stunted.

Laser hair removal does not produce permanent hair removal even though it can inhibit hair growth for quite a long time. Therefore, laser hair removal needs to be done repeatedly to obtain optimal results.

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4. Parts of body to be treated

Laser machines with the latest technology can remove fine hairs from various parts of the body, such as the armpits, hands, feet, upper lip, female sex organs, and face. Before undergoing laser hair removal treatment, the parts of the body to be treated are shaved first and leaving about half a centimeter.

5. The preparations before treatment

It is very important to prepare by shaving the area to be treated roughly 12 hours before starting the laser hair removal. Make sure not to use depilatory cream or wax and fake tan 2 weeks before the session. This preparation needs to be considered carefully to obtain maximum results.

6. The steps of laser hair removal

In the early stages, the skin area where hair removal occur is smeared with a special gel that functions to interface the laser machine with the skin. When the laser is lighted, the skin will feel warm and pinched. However, the patient will not feel pain like waxing.

Patients wear protective goggles during treatment to avoid exposure to laser light. When finished, the patient will be re-applied with anti-irritation cream. After that, the patient can carry out activities as usual.

7. The number of sessions

To get maximum results, patients undergo treatment 12 times a year. Each session has an interval of approximately 1 month. After treatment, the hair will naturally fall out within 1 to 2 weeks.

8. After treatment

After undergoing treatment, patients are not advised to use makeup products, lotions, deodorants, and moisturizers for 24 hours. Make sure, the body part that is being treated is dry and clean. Also, don’t rub this part of your body for 48 hours.

It is important to remember, avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of dark and bright spots. Always use a sunscreen with a spf of 25 or higher during the treatment period and 1 to 2 months thereafter.

9. The side effects of laser hair removal

Every medical procedure has its risks, and laser hair removal is no exception. Although relatively safe, laser hair removal has side effects, including skin irritation, redness, and swelling of the body where the procedure is being performed. In addition, the skin can also change its color to a little darker or slightly lighter.

However, these effects are only temporary and can heal within a few hours. If there are other symptoms that need attention, then contact the nearest aesthetic doctor immediately.

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