Breaking MURI Record, Clinic to Expand Its Business

Aesthetics Daily – Thanks to the use of integrated digital technology for operating a beauty clinic for the very first time in Indonesia, Clinic manages to break the record of Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI). Yusuf Kadri as MURI representative gave a MURI record certificate and a medal which was received directly by Joey Gisela as the Founder of Clinic.

The awarding event coincided with Clinic’s 1st Anniversary Celebration at Regale International Convention Center, Medan in early this December. This precious event was presented by Clinic for its loyal customers. On that occasion Joey Gisela gave awards to staff including doctors, nurses, therapists and also Dameria Sitorus as the Director of Clinic.

Application of Digital Technology

Joey expresses her appreciation for the award given by MURI. Since its establishment, Clinic has utilized digital technology ranging from online bookings to digital payments to provide convenience for customers.

“The digital technology provides transparency to customers. Not only that, the cost of treatment here is also very affordable, even up to 50 percent,” said Joey. She ensures that Clinic provides a variety of treatments performed by doctors and a series of products that are BPOM certified. In addition, Clinic uses medicines imported directly from Korea.

Please note, customers only need to install application on their smartphone via Google Playstore to get treatment at Clinic. After that, the user, first of all, needs to sign up or register and verify his/her mobile number.

An MRI menu is available where customers can choose the type of treatment needed, consult with a doctor, online booking, and other useful features. “If it is close to the schedule specified by the patient, the application will inform or remind the patient again. So customers don’t have to wait long in line,” said Joey.

Beauty Clinic Business Prospects

As Joey explained, in Medan City, the beauty clinic business is very promising given that basically everyone wants to look beautiful and fresh. Not only women are interested in trying various beauty treatments, men are also starting to realize the importance of maintaining healthy skin and body.

“Everyone, both women and men, wants to look beautiful and fresh. We are here to meet that need,” said Joey. She also hopes that in the future his company can build a laboratory and inpatient clinic.

Apart from that, Clinic also plans to expand its business by opening a number of new branches in several regions in Indonesia. Currently, Clinic is preparing a clinic in Jakarta area.

At the same time, Hasyim SE as the Chair of Medan DPRD really appreciates the presence of Clinic which for the past year has given a different color to the aesthetic industry. According to him, Clinic can absorb a lot of workers and open up opportunities for business people to invest in beauty clinics.

“Moreover, the investment opportunity is very possible, considering that Medan City is a large market with the third largest population in Indonesia of 2.6 million people,” he said.

Hasyim said that Clinic can be a good example because it is managed properly and professionally, having many innovations. “(The beauty clinic business) I think is quite realistic. This is a promising, good business opportunity in the future,” he said.

In the mean time, Dr. Ryadh Ikshan, Sp.KK as the Chairman of Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists (Perdoski) expresses his admiration for clinic which has complied with health rules and regulations. He hopes that all aesthetic clinics can meet health standards so that consumers will not have problems in the future.

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