10 Benefits of Hair Spa: Maintaining Hair Roots to Overcoming Dandruff

Aesthetics Daily – You may have often treated your hair with shampoo or conditioner. But if you feel that’s not enough, you can start considering hair spa treatments. Treatments that you usually find in many beauty salons or spas provide various benefits for the health and shine of your hair.

Hair spa rejuvenates and nourishes hair and strengthens hair roots. During your treatment, you will go through several steps including deep cleansing, massage, steaming, closing, and rinsing.

Various hair problems such as hair loss, itching, damaged hair and dandruff can be treated with a hair spa. To get maximum benefits, you have to do hair spa treatments regularly, at least once a month. Prices for hair spas offered by beauty salons vary depending on the length of the hair and the duration of the treatment.

What is Hair Spa?

Hair spa is a relaxing hair treatment for dry, oily or damaged hair. It improves the texture and appearance of your hair and makes your hair look smoother, softer and shinier. The detrimental effects of dirt, weather, pollution and UV rays on hair can also be overcome with a hair spa.

Everyone has different hair types so their needs also vary. There are many types of hair spa treatments that can be adjusted to your hair type and condition. For example, a hair spa to treat dandruff that focuses on nourishing and moisturizing the scalp.

In addition, there are hair spas for hair loss, hair spas for colored hair, and hair spas for oily hair. To get a hair spa treatment, you need to visit the nearest beauty salon or spa. Usually, treatment takes about one to two hours. Apart from going to the salon, you can also try it yourself at home using the available hair care products.

Hair Spa Procedure

Involving several steps, hair spa transforms dry and brittle hair into beautiful, well-hydrated hair. Each beauty salon/spa applies different stages. In general, hair spa consists of several steps including the use of shampoo, hair mask, massage, and steaming.

Step 1: Applying shampoo

Dirt and dead skin cells attached to the hair must be cleaned first with shampoo.

Step 2: Applying hair mask

Leave the hair mask on for a few minutes after application to rid the scalp of dryness and flakes. It will also strengthen and nourish the hair follicles.

Step 3: Massage

Blood flow to the hair follicles will increase thanks to the massage performed by a beauty therapist. It also ensures that the hair mask is applied evenly on every part of the hair and scalp.

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Step 4: Evaporation

Steaming or steaming allows the pores on the scalp to open, encouraging the absorption of products previously applied to the scalp.

Step 5: Rinsing

Finally, after a few minutes of steaming, your hair is washed clean. You don’t need to heat dry your hair as this will make it rough again.

Advantages of Hair Spa

1. Benefit of hair spa – Nourishing the hair roots

If the hair roots are weak, the possible cause is hair loss, dullness and lack of nutrition. Hair spa treatments are designed to nourish the roots and hair follicles while revitalizing the scalp.

2. Benefit of hair spa – Moisturizing hair and scalp

Hair spa treatments involve applying essential oils and moisturizing ingredients to promote a healthy and hydrated scalp. The hair mask is packed with moisturizing properties that prevent frizz and dry hair.

3. Benefit of hair spa – Repairing damaged & dull hair

Your appearance will be affected by dull and damaged hair. Regular hair spa treatments every 2 weeks can restore the shine and freshness of your hair.

4. Benefit of hair spa – Reducing dandruff

Hair spa treatment aims to balance the pH level of the scalp. This is important for improving hair health and maintaining healthy scalp. The ingredients used are able to fight dandruff and dandruff-causing microbes.

5. Benefit of hair spa – Cleaning hair from dust and dirt

Hair that has an infection on the scalp due to dirt that clogs the pores can be treated with a hair spa treatment. After the treatment, your hair will look cleaner, healthier and shinier.

6. Benefit of hair spa – Preventing hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by various factors such as dirt, pollution, stress, and sun exposure. Doing hair spa treatments regularly with natural ingredients can prevent hair loss.

7. Benefit of hair spa – Improving blood circulation

Massage increases blood flow to your scalp. It brings nutrients to the follicles which make them firmer and stronger.

8. Benefit of hair spa – Relieving stress

Hair spa treatment involves head massage which relaxes your mind and body.

9. Benefit of hair spa – Opening the pores of the scalp

Silicone buildup from hair cosmetics and environmental impurities causes clogged pores on the scalp. Through steaming, hair spa opens the pores and removes the dirt that settles in them. This ultimately saves your hair from dandruff, hair fall and rough hair.

10. Benefit of hair spa – Normalizing oil secretion

The sebaceous glands, which are under the scalp, produce a natural oil called sebum. This oil functions to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

However, excessive oil production can clog pores. Hair spa treatment aims to regulate sebum production on the scalp.

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