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Aesthetics Daily – One of the attractive jobs for those who are interested in working in the beauty, entertainment and fashion industries is a makeup artist (MUA). The opportunity for a makeup artist to get a job in this industry is very wide. Makeup artists can be hired by companies, individuals or work as freelancers who are paid per job.

There are many paths that can be traversed to become a makeup artist. If you really want to become a professional makeup artist, then studying at a makeup school could be the right choice. The requirements for each state to become a certified makeup artist vary. Some states have licenses where one can only specialize in certain area.

What is A Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists are professionals with artistic skills and are proficient in the use of makeup. The goal to be achieved is to improve the beauty and physical attributes of the model or client. If necessary, a makeup artist should be able to radically change a person’s appearance, as you often see in movies.

Makeup and prosthetics can also be used for television, theater, film, performance and other production purposes. Production studios, beauty salons, theaters are the most common places for makeup artists. They are hired to work as part of the production or show staff.

Additionally, it is very common for makeup artists to be self-employed and have their own client base. They are also known for teaching classes for aspiring makeup artists or simply looking to expand their knowledge in the subject.

Makeup artists use cosmetic techniques and tools to create desired beauty in the human body. Their duties include enhancing one’s appearance, accentuating colors and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws by using a wide variety of cosmetic products.

There are several types of makeup artists ranging from those who work at cosmetic shop counters to those who are often involved in video production, photoshoots or films. Makeup artists should understand not only how to apply makeup but also the relationship between makeup and photography and lighting.

Often times, makeup artists – especially those in the film or theater industry – have the opportunity to teach actors how to apply their own makeup. Thus, MUAs can focus on more challenging characters or move on to new productions.

Special effects artists are challenged to create facial makeup on fantasy creatures or depicting certain eras. This is the most challenging field for some makeup artists.

What Does A Makeup Artist Do?

A makeup artist must skillfully transform a human canvas into the desired character or appearance within a certain period of time. They work with clients to enhance their physical features and create the best appearance.

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Professional makeup artists can also write for lifestyle and beauty magazines or have their own blog. Many makeup artists also use social media platforms as a means of marketing and branding. Through social media, they can display a portfolio that can increase their chances of getting clients.

There is a variety of general and specific skills a makeup artist must have. They master makeup skills including prosthetics, high definition, airbrushing to theater.

Makeup Artist Job Description

  • Conducting consultations with clients and creating makeup looks based on their specifications,
  • Examining and analyzing the client’s skin type and condition to determine the most appropriate product,
  • Improving facial aesthetics through makeup,
  • Determining which makeup products to use,
  • Designing Prosthetic FX according to special effects requirements,
  • Considering lighting and settings when applying makeup,
  • Collaborating with fashion designers, costume designers and stylists,
  • Establishing an accounting budget for materials and labor costs,
  • Checking photos, sketches and other references for display inspiration,
  • Reading and analyzing scripts to determine make-up and necessary changes,
  • Having knowledge of various color palettes and makeup styles,
  • Owning and mastering a variety of products used,
  • Implementing health, hygiene and safety regulations,
  • Working with actors, models, or artists at the time of production,
  • Realizing the facial makeup that the director wants,
  • Removing makeup after not wearing,
  • Keeping up with the latest makeup trends.

Makeup Artist Qualifications

In general, a makeup artist must complete a diploma from a vocational school in cosmetology or makeup. This is preferable if the makeup artist has at least 3 years of experience in the related industry.

Makeup artist qualifications are as follows:

  • Mastering the use of various makeup tools and products,
  • Having attention to detail,
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Strong creative skills,
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the selected industry,
  • Customer oriented with a proactive and positive attitude,
  • Good skill mastery of hair and make-up techniques,
  • Having a dynamic and creative personality,
  • Willingness to keep learning new things,
  • In-depth understanding of health and safety rules.

Makeup Artist Work Environments

A makeup artist can work in a variety of industries from film, theater, photography studios, production houses, television stations to makeup counters at department stores and other retail locations. Makeup artists can also freelance and perform on-site services for individual clients.

Depending on the type of work, the schedule and working hours are very flexible and vary. Meanwhile those who work in studios or in certain locations may have set working hours. Every workplace certainly presents a different atmosphere, requiring the makeup artist to quickly adapt to it.

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