Mandaya Skin Esthetic & Laser Center Launched

Aesthetics Daily – Not only providing medical services, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri has expanded its business by opening a beauty clinic named Mandaya Skin Esthetic & Laser Center. This clinic focuses on skin treatments that are handled directly by several skin specialists and are equipped with pico laser technology.

Along with the opening, Mandaya Skin Esthetic & The Laser Center held a talkshow themed “Real Beauty, Real Dermatologist”. This event was hosted by 5 skin specialists of Mandaya Royal Hospital where they discussed skin problems that are most often complained of by Indonesian people. Some common skin problems include dark spots on the face, postpartum stretch marks, signs of aging, eczema, large pores, acne scars, birthmarks, to melasma or uneven skin tone.

Dr. Gloria Novelita said, “One of the hallmarks of the Mandaya skin and beauty clinic is the pico laser technology originating from America equipped with the latest 730 nm handpiece which is effective in reducing dark spots and melasma on the skin. In fact, this pico laser technology is able to fade black and red tattoos up to 90%.”

In addition, Mandaya Skin Esthetic & The Laser Center has several other types of handpieces that can increase collagen production, help skin rejuvenation, and remove wrinkles. Overall, Mandaya Skin Esthetic & The Laser Center has picoway laser technology, CO2 laser and INDIBA which are useful for reducing abdominal fat and tightening the skin especially for women after giving birth.

On this occasion, Dr. Gloria also explained that hyperpigmentation and dark spots can be faded more precisely using a pico laser compared to other conventional laser treatments. This treatment has also been clinically proven safe. On the other hand, Dr. W. Widjaya Chandra, Sp.KK added that pico laser can also disguise wrinkles and tighten the skin by stimulating collagen production naturally.

“It’s no longer a secret that dermatologists at the Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri skin and beauty clinic use pico lasers originating from America to remove dark spots. This has been proven to be very effective in dealing with black spots on the face that fade after 3 – 4 times of laser therapy. The cost is also quite affordable, around 2 million rupiah for one therapy depending on the size of the area being treated. The wider the area, the more expensive the cost,” explained Erwin as Public Relations Director of Mandaya Hospital Group.

Dr. Hans Utama Sutanto, Sp.KK and Dr. Karin Rachmani, Sp.DV explained that the solutions offered are not merely related to beauty but also various skin and genital problems, including sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, or skin problems around the genitals of men and women.

Singer Tika Ramlan who was present at the event shared her experience of struggling as a permanent mother who had to take care of her skin and beauty. According to her, beauty will foster self-confidence and positive spirit. So, being busy taking care of children is not a reason to ignore taking care of yourself. This was emphasized again by Dr. Melyawati Hermawan, Sp.DV that most postpartum mothers forget how to take care of themselves. In fact, various skin problems including stretch marks, acne and scars from surgery must be treated immediately.

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