Medina Zein Still in Custody, MD Glowing Trademark Transferred to Heni Purnamasari

Aesthetics Daily – Mediza Zein, a well-known local celebrity who used to be successful with the beauty business carrying MD Glowing brand is currently still in custody. Previously, she was caught in a defamation case for which she has to undergo punishment. Worse yet, Medina Zein is struggling with her bipolar disorder.

As a result, the business that Medina Zain previously managed had faced major obstacles. To maintain the existing business, MD Glowing trademark fornerly owned by Medina Zein was transferred to Heni Purnamasari. The transfer of MD Glowing trademark was confirmed by Ina Rachman SH, MH as attorney for Heni Purnamasari and Lukman Azhari.

“As of June 18 2022, the main brand of MD Glowing, including cosmetics or skincare products already belongs to our client, Heni Purnamasari,” said Ina Rachman in Fatmawati area, South Jakarta, Friday (9/12/2022). Furthermore, all products of this brand will be manufactured by Heni Purnamasari.

Directorate of Marks and Geographical Indications of the Republic of Indonesia has recorded the transfer of rights to the trademark from Medina Susani alias Medina Zein to Heni Purnamasari. The transfer of the trademark is registered under the numbers: HKI.01339/2022, HKI.01347/2022, HKI.01344/2022, HKI.01338/2022, HKI.01345/2022, HKI.01342/2022, and HKI.04979/2022 .

On the same occasion, Lukman Azhari as Medina Zein’s husband revealed the current condition of Medina Zein. “Earlier, we explained in detail about the trademark. The transfer of ownership of this cosmetic brand is undeniable because Medina Zein’s current condition makes it impossible for her to carry out business activities.”

“Medina must restore her mental health. Therefore, this brand is transferred to Heni. She also has history (experience) in the beauty industry and she is Medina’s partner. So in our opinion, she is the right person to maintain this brand,” Luqman added.

After MD Glowing trademark has been transferred, Medina Zein or other parties cannot use the registered marks without the permission of Heni Purnamasari. It is also intended for every marketing activity both online and offline. In additoon, it aims to avoid criminal legal sanctions or civil sanctions due to trademark infringement.

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