Mediheal Releases 9 Newest Sheet Masks

Aesthetics Daily – For fans of Korean beauty, sheet masks are nothing new. Sheet masks are believed to help skin become healthier, smoother and more radiant without having to use makeup. Known for their efficiency and effectiveness, sheet masks have become one of the essential products that are in great demand among K-beauty enthusiasts.

Responding to consumer needs to get radiant skin like Korean celebrities, Mediheal is back with its newest sheet mask product. They have been updated with a 7x higher and concentrated serum content, which function as a daily booster and help solve various skin problems.

As a well-known sheet mask brand in Korea, Mediheal is fully committed to providing the best for its consumers. The company hears various suggestions from consumers to improve its featured products from various aspects.

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Therefore, Mediheal conducted a sample reviews survey in August 2021 involving a number of loyal Mediheal customers in South Korea. This survey was conducted for 3 (three) months in order to test the latest product innovations to suit the needs and desires of consumers.

Riorita Tandyputri as Brand Manager of Mediheal says, “Understanding the needs of consumers who crave healthy and glowing skin like their idols, we have innovated to improve and enhance the efficacy of our products.” Mediheal provides the right solution for skin needs by presenting the Mediheal Renewal Sheet Mask.

“By increasing product formulations, materials and designs that prioritize environmental friendliness, this product comes with 9 variants to address various facial skin problems. This product is expected to be an all-in-one solution for beauty enthusiasts who need a sheet mask that can provide instantly optimal results as well as glowing skin,” Riorita adds.

Based on the results of a survey of sample reviews, the Mediheal Renewal Sheet Mask which has been developed with consumers has the following advantages:

  • It has undergone an improved formula with 7x Higher Concentrated Serum,
  • It has a size change, designed in such a way as to fit and be more comfortable on the face, especially for women with small facial postures,
  • There have been significant changes to the sheet mask material so that serum absorption is faster and more optimal,
  • Dermatologically tested,
  • Prioritizing environmental friendliness, Mediheal uses sheet mask material that is certified vegan and biodegradable. Its FSC certified packaging is printed using eco-friendly soy ink.

Proven and trusted to produce real results and help solve various skin problems, all product variants use exclusive ingredients combined with innovative technology. The eight newest Mediheal sheet mask product lines and their ingredients that can address numerous skin problems, including:

  1. Tea Tree Essential Mask, treats facial skin with acne with 22x more concentrated Tea Tree,
  2. Collagen Essential Mask, tightens facial skin with 1,200ppm collagen as well as a combination of Vegan and Pro-Collagen ingredients,
  3. Vita Essential Mask, brightens facial skin with Higher Niacinamide + Biotin & Vitamin E,
  4. Madecassoside Essential Mask, soothes facial skin with 20,000ppm of Niacinamide and Cica,
  5. Watermide Essential Mask, hydrates the skin with 10,000ppm Deep Sea Water,
  6. N.M.F Ampoule Mask, moisturizes and brightens facial skin with 8x Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide,
  7. I.P.I Brightening Mask, helps brighten and smooth facial skin with 1.5x Niacinamide and Glutathione,
  8. E.G.T Nourishing Mask, tightens and treats fine lines with 5x Peptide Complex and Retinal,
  9. H.P.A Glowing Mask, helps tighten pores while removing dead skin cells with 6x Biome Complex and LHA & PHA,

The entire range of Mediheal Renewal Sheet Mask products with a unit price of IDR 29,900 is officially available at Sociolla, Edit by Sociolla at Shopee and Tokopedia, Guardian, Watson, Boots, KKV, C&F and the nearest cosmetic store.

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