Naturally Speaking by ERHA: a Plant-Based Skincare Rich in Antioxidants

Aesthetics Daily – More and more people are starting to realize that skincare products that use natural ingredients are good for their skin. This is in line with the increasing number of skincare brands that incorporate the goodness of nature into their products.

Based on research in 2020, 96% of respondents prefer skin care products that contain natural ingredients. There is high consumer interest in skincare products made from natural ingredients because these are claimed to be safer and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Seeing the enormous benefits of natural ingredients, ERHA introduces its newest innovative skincare brand called Naturally Speaking by ERHA. Interestingly, Naturally Speaking by ERHA product range has natural ingredients derived from fruit extracts.

As we know, fruits contain many nutrients which are believed to provide good benefits for skin health and beauty. In fact, fruits have been used for skin care for hundreds of years.

Vergina Sitar as Head of Naturally Speaking by ERHA reveals that currently Indonesian people, especially Gen Z, are increasingly understanding the importance of paying close attention to the ingredients used in a skin care product. Gen Z believe that natural ingredients in skin care products provide better benefits for facial skin care.

“All Naturally Speaking by ERHA products contain formulas rich in antioxidants from fruit extracts. It is formulated for use by teenagers from the age of 13 and also by pregnant women. Antioxidants have many functions, including brightening the skin, disguising fine lines or black spots, and protecting the skin’s skin barrier,” says Vergina.

Furthermore, Vergina emphasizes that Naturally Speaking by ERHA, a creative brand with vegan-based ingredients, is halal-certified, curated by a dermatologist, and affordable.

Naturally Speaking by ERHA called #YummySkinCare and
#NaturalVoiceForYourSkin has a series of products that have their own ingredients and benefits.

Face Care

Brightening effect: Shiny Banana Brightening Pudding Moisturizer, Glow Mango Brightening Butter Mask, and Glam Pineapple Brightening Serum.

Protecting skin barrier: Baby Melon Skin Barrier Serum, and Caring Avocado Skin Barrier Moisturizer.

Rich in anti-oxidants: Flawless Guava Dark Spot Serum, Plumpy Pomegranate Sleeping Mask, and Charming Dragon Fruit Face Scrub.

Body Care

Joy Mangosteen Refreshing Body Lotion and Smooth Grapeseed Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Hair Care

Silky Coconut Moisturizing Hair Serum, and Slay Kiwi Conditioning Hair Mask.

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