Ogawa Experience Center Comes Back at Plaza Indonesia with New Looks

Aesthetics Daily – Ogawa Experience Center at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, which was open before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, is now back in operation with a new, more complete look. As a global massage chair manufacturer distributed in Indonesia through PT Duta Abadi Primantara, Ogawa wants to provide consumers with the maximum relaxation experience.

Ogawa uses the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can provide a calming sensation. Interestingly, visitors who are guided by trained personnel can try directly the latest Ogawa massage chairs.

Besides that, they can ask about anything related to the latest Ogawa products. Visitors can also consult with sales staff to find out the technology used, sales network, after sales service, and more.

ogawa wellness centre braches massage therapy chair device experience plaza indonesia
Image source: Instagram/@ogawa.id

Aria Hermawan, Sales & Marketing Director of PT Duta Abadi Primantara, explains that Ogawa Experience Center at Plaza Indonesia has been around since 2019. “That time was extraordinary, we received enthusiastic welcome from visitors. However, as we know, due to the pandemic situation, the malls were not operating for a while. This automatically has an impact on our activities where we also had a break.”

As conditions improve in. In the new normal era, malls in Jakarta are increasingly packed with visitors. This allows Ogawa to reopen Experience Center on 3rd floor of Plaza Indonesia unit #035-#036 with more diverse and up-to-date products in early December.

“Here, we offer an interesting experience where visitors can experience our products directly without cost,” says Aria. There is a digital massage chair machine with Artificial Intelligence technology that can detect a person’s body condition. This technology allows customized massage pressure and automatic detection of body parts that need a massage.

ogawa wellness centre braches massage therapy chair device experience plaza indonesia
Image source: Instagram/@ogawa.id

Aria invites curious visitors to try Ogawa products directly at Experience Center which opens at 10.00 WIB – 22.00 WIB. According to him, Ogawa massage chair provides relaxation that is different from other massage chairs. Moreover, relaxation is important for controlling stress. If not managed properly, prolonged stress has the risk of causing headaches, depression and anxiety disorders.

Aria adds, “Relaxation can also prevent various health problems that are triggered by stress. But for people in metropolitan cities with busy and very dynamic lifestyles, relaxation is something that is difficult to do, often due to distance and time constraints. One of the easiest ways to relax is to use a massage chair at home to relieve fatigue and soothe tight muscles.”

Indra Setiawan as International & Business Development Director of PT Duta Abadi Primantara is optimistic that Ogawa Experience Center at Plaza Indonesia will be an interesting attraction for visitors. He hopes that the presence of Ogawa Experience Center with new looks and products can help consumers relax their body and mind.

ogawa wellness centre braches massage therapy chair device experience plaza indonesia
Image source: Instagram/@ogawa.id

For your perusal, Smart Reluxe is one of the newest products available at Ogawa Experience Center. It is equipped with smart sensors that can perform body scans more quickly and accurately.

Meanwhile, the S&L shaped massage track design allows for more precise massage from the neck to the waist. The flexible movement of 3D massage rollers allows Smart Reluxe to create an integrated massage. There are 6 automatic massage programs for various lifestyle needs.

The comfort of relaxation is further enhanced by the presence of a warmer at the waist to reduce pain and improve blood circulation. There is also a Zero gravity feature which provides the most comfortable position during the massage. What’s more, there are massage airbags on the shoulders, arms to the feet and roller soles which maximize user’s entire body relaxation experience.

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