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Aesthetics Daily – Most people likely tend to think that skin care is only needed by women. This misleading opinion circulates in society for a long time because most skincare products are generally designed specifically for women’s market.

Contrary to popular belief, in fact, men also need various treatments to keep their skin healthy. In addition, skin care is essentially needed by men to prevent all skin problems, including those on the face.

TNS, a market survey service provider company, conducted a Usage and Attitude study which showed that 61 percent of men in Indonesia have oily skin types. Meanwhile, 33 percent of men think oily skin is the root of various annoying skin problems.

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In fact, men have a more oily skin type than women. Dr. Samuel Lucas Simon, SpKK explains that this might happen because the hormone testosterone in the male body is able to stimulate excess oil production in facial skin. This makes men’s skin more prone to breakouts.

Meanwhile Dr. Srie Prihianti Gondokaryono, SpKK, PhD explains that there are differences between male and female skin. Men’s skin is 15 – 20 percent thicker than women’s. “Therefore, men should not use facial care products intended for women or vice versa. This is because the substance content in beauty products for men and women is of course different,” says Dr. Sri.

The statements of the two doctors reinforce the assumption that men also need skin care. However, unfortunately, there are not many skincare products designed specifically for men.

To solve this problem, Oneskin comes with a series of skin care products specially designed for men. Oneskin uses natural ingredients which are formulated according to the needs of Indonesian men’s facial skin.

Doni Putra Okten as Founder of Oneskin revealed his personal experience, it was difficult for him to find the suitable skincare products for him. “I found it difficult to get skincare products that fit the type and facial characteristics of Indonesian men.”

This experience actually motivated Doni to conduct a series of research. “Until finally, we were able to formulate skincare products that can be used for all types of male skin characteristics. This is useful for overcoming problems that are often experienced by Indonesoan men,” continues Doni Putra.

Oneskin comes with 4 product variants consisting of Activated Facial Wash “With Charcoal”, Protective Sunscreen Spray With SPF 50 PA+++, Hydracharge Serum, and New Advanced Moisturizing “Balm With Niacinamide”. All products certified by BPOM and Halal are claimed to be safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Oneskin skincare range helps tackle common men’s facial skin problems including acne, excess oil on the skin as well as dull and rough skin. Doni adds, “We present a practical men’s skincare range that can provide maximum care and protection.”

Oneskin uses quality ingredients that have the potential to provide health benefits for the skin. One of them is the active charcoal content in facial wash products which functions to absorb acne-causing bacteria. In addition, Oneskin product range contains Protective Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50 PA+++ which is able to protect facial skin from exposure to UVA and UVB rays. With a coffee scent, this product leaves no white cast on the skin.

“Currently, there are many men in Indonesia who have experienced the benefits of Oneskin skincare products. Hopefully, this range of skincare products will make it easy for Indonesian men to find the best solution for their skin problems,” Doni explains. According to him, men also have the right to look attractive and get the best skin care products.

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