7 Laser Clinics in London Offering Skin Treatments

Aesthetics Daily – Aesthetic clinics utilize laser technology that has many functions ranging from removing unwanted hair to treating hyperpigmentation. There are various laser machines that are a mainstay of dermatologists in performing cosmetic procedures. Some of them are Cynosure Elite, MeDioStar NeXT, Lumenis Lightsheer Duet and Infinity, Soprano ICE Platinum, and Xlase Plus.

In London, the capital of England, there are many aesthetic clinics that offer a variety of treatments. The clinics use laser machines to treat patients with various skin problems.

What are the best laser clinics in London? Before going to a laser clinic in London, you should recognize its reputation. Also consider the types of services and the cost of treatment they offer. Also make sure that laser clinics in London have trained dermatologists or expert practitioners who are experienced in treating patients and performing cosmetic procedures.

List of Laser Clinics in London

1. The Angel Laser Clinic

Address: Maples Business Center First Floor, 144 Liverpool Road, London, N1 1LA
Phone: 0207 607 5111

Supported by professional dermatologists, The Angel Laser Clinic provides treatments using the latest laser technology. Some of laser technologies used include Revlite Medical Laser, Cynosure Elite, Cynosure Elite Plus, and Regenlite pulse dye laser. One of the device, Cynosure Laser, combines Alexandrite laser and Nd: YAG laser.

Alexandrite laser is for treating white skin while Nd: YAG laser is for Asian and Black skin. This combination results in a safe and effective cosmetic procedure for hair removal. Not only that, the combination of the two is also suitable for patients with all skin types. This laser is also equipped with a Zimmer cooling system that protects the skin layers.

The Angel Laser Clinic provides many treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Byonik Laser Facial, Laser Pigmentation Removal, and Acne Treatments. One popular treatment is Laser Hair Removal which is offered for £134 per session for small areas of the body such as the face, bikinis and underarms. Meanwhile, Full Body Laser Hair Removal from top to toe for men and women costs £ 494 per session.

2. Carnaby Laser Clinic and Academy

Address: 89 Corbidge Court, Glashier St, Greenwich, London, SE8 3ET
Phone: 020 3198 1520

Not only an aesthetic clinic, Carnaby Laser Clinic and Academy is also a CIBTAC Level 4 Training Center. This means that the aesthetic practitioners have enough experience doing laser treatment as well as being able to teach other medical professionals. One of the top treatments is Laser Hair Removal which uses the Xlase Plus.

This device has several advantages, namely long-lasting hair removal, faster treatment time, convenient maintenance, results that can be seen in fewer sessions, and is suitable for all skin types. Laser Xlase Plus works by directing energy from near infra-red light through the hair to the hair follicles that are just beneath the surface of the skin.

Without injuring the skin cells around the treated area, the heat from the laser will damage the follicles, thus inhibiting hair growth and hair loss. Hair removal with Xlase Plus laser, which is claimed to reduce hair growth, requires about 6 to 8 treatment sessions. Apart from that, this device is also equipped with a cooling system which keeps the skin surface cool.

3. Evliss Laser Clinic

Address: 23 Harley St, Marylebone, London, W1G 9QN
Phone: 0203 807 8298

As one of popular aesthetic clinics in London that focuses on laser hair removal, Evliss Laser Clinic is supported by advanced technology approved by FDA. In addition, Evliss Laser Clinic medical practitioners have a minimum of 5 years experience in laser hair removal. There are several treatments, namely Laser Hair Removal For Women, Laser Hair Removal For Men, Laser Hair Removal For PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and Ingrown Hair Removal.

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Evliss Laser Clinic uses a Cynosure laser which is equipped with a cooling system. The number of laser hair removal treatments depends on the thickness of hairs, skin type, and the frequency of sessions. To ensure that the patient is ready for treatment, they will be given a patch test for 3 days. Before, after, and throughout the treatment, waxing is not recommended for patients. Laser Hair Removal For Women treatment prices range from £58 per session for small areas to £178 per session for extra large areas.

Another equipment used is MeDioStar NeXT which has a nozzle with a pneumatic extension. This feature functions to significantly reduce the discomfort of laser hair removal.

4. Prima Britannia Laser & Skincare Clinic

Address: 212 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RA
Phone: 0208 741 7420

Located in London city, Prima Britannia Laser & Skincare Clinic offers several laser treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Laser Pigmentation Removal, Laser Thread Vein Removal, and Laser Collagen Stimulation Facial. Prima Britannia Laser & Skincare Clinic uses Candela MaxPro laser and Cynosure Elite + for hair removal treatments. With these machines, almost 90% of hairs will be reduced permanently.

Prima Britannia Laser & Skincare Clinic also provides solutions for those who have damaged vein threads with laser thread vein removal. This type of laser treatment is not suitable for everyone. It is only recommended for lighter I-III skin types.

A skin problem called hyperpigmentation which is caused by the overproduction of melanin by pigmented cells can be treated with Laser Pigmentation Removal treatment. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that can affect all skin types. Although not dangerous, hyperpigmentation may make a person feel frustrated. Especially if hyperpigmentation occurs in the facial area which can affect a person’s appearance.

5. Simply Clinics

Address: 20 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, London, W12 8DH
Phone: 020 8352 3523

Founded in 2014, Simply Clinics has several branches in London. Simply Clinics uses Lumenis Lightsheer Duet and Infinity machine with a laser diode that is considered the gold standard in laser hair removal.

The laser works by using energy of a specific wavelength to accurately target the hair follicle. Patients will receive 25-30% hair reductions per treatment session. After 6 – 8 sessions, the patient will get 95% hair reductions. The number of treatments is also influenced by a factor such as hormones.

One important thing to note, the patient must shave the area to be treated the day before treatment. Meanwhile, patients are not allowed to apply makeup creams, sun exposure, and do waxing or tweezing. After treatment, patients are advised to apply cold compresses if the treated area feels uncomfortable.

6. Beauty Lady

Address: 21 Upper Tooting Road, Tooting, London, SW17 7TS
Phone: 020 3645 7374

The devices used by Beauty Lady to treat patients include Soprano ICE Platinum developed by Alma Lasers. For all skin types, Soprano ICE Platinum is claimed to be able to provide optimal, fast and effective results.

The virtually painless Soprano ICE Platinum targets the three main structures of the hair follicle at three different depths in the skin. After treatment, patients can carry out activities as usual.

The price of laser hair removal treatment with Soprano ICE Platinum is £60 per session for a small area. Medium areas cost £70 per session and large areas cost £120 per session.

7. London Laser Clinic

Address: Expert Center, 31-32 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DL
Phone: 0800 050 2200

The London Laser Clinic, which has several branches in the UK, employs level-4-qualified aestheticians. Laser hair removal is one of the popular services at this aesthetic clinic. There are several services such as Laser Hair Removal For Women, Laser Hair Removal For Men, Laser Hair Removal For Menopausal Hair Growth, Laser Hair Removal For Black Skin, and others.

The devices used for laser hair removal are Candela GMax Pro Alexandrite and Nd: YAG laser. Each session that takes from 15 minutes costs starting from £20. The result of laser hair removal is a significant hair reduction in the treated area.

Every skin type can be treated with laser hair removal including dark skin. For I-III skin types, the machine used is the Alexandrite laser with Gentle Max machine. As for IV-VI skin types, the machine used is Nd: YAG laser with GentleYAG machine. The main goal of this laser treatment is permanent hair reduction.

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