PRVL Launches New Products Combining Primer with UV Protection

PRVL, which is a local Indonesian cosmetic brand, recently introduced its flagship product, PRVL Sundew Primer. This new PRVL’s product is a good combination of primer and UV protection.

PRVL Sundew Primer has the main function of moisturizing the skin while protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Two main benefits in one product can provide perfect makeup results.

Some of the main ingredients of PRVL Sundew Primer include lactobacillus, collagen, mesembryanthemum leaf extract and crystallinum. There are probiotic active substances with many health benefits such as accelerating the regeneration of skin cells and moisturizing the skin.

Other benefits include increasing collagen production and minimizing wrinkles on the skin. Meanwhile, the combination of Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate and Sodium Hyaluronate is able to disguise facial skin texture and provide extra hydration.

Michelle Natalia as the Founder of PRVL Beauty explained that PRVL prioritizes the health and safety of customers’ skin and always tries to understand the skin needs of the Indonesian people.

As the name implies, applying primer is the first step in the makeup process. “Therefore, we try to innovate through the best ingredients so that it not only helps disguise facial skin texture but also makes it healthy,” said Michelle.

PRVL Sundew Primer answers the public’s need for a primer that evens out facial skin tone, makes skin look softer and gives a ‘glowy’ impression. More than that, PRVL Sundew Primer also provides facial makeup results that last all day without compromising facial skin comfort thanks to the use of quality ingredients that are safe for Indonesian skin.

Michelle said that PRVL, which is a local cosmetic manufacturer, develops products that are certainly more relevant to Indonesian skin. “Currently, product users prefer skincare and make-up products that not only provide optimal end results, but also health benefits and product safety.”

Another advantage of PRVL is that it is suitable for various skin types in tropical climates. “Our products are also BPOM and halal certified, so they are very safe to use,” Michelle explained.

Primary users generally complain that  the texture results of the common skincare products are too heavy and even feel like silicone. The results tend to peel off when combined with other products.

PRVL Sundew Primer also contains centella asiatica extract which functions as a calming and anti-inflammatory function, peach extract which nourishes the skin and makes the skin more radiant, rose water as an antioxidant, jojoba oil and olive extract which provide maximum moisture for dry skin in tropical areas, and also UV protection that provides protection to the skin.

In the future, PRVL Beauty will develop various facial care and make-up products, such as make-up for eyes, lips, complexion such as blush, bronzer and highlighter. The products being developed will certainly pay attention to the health, comfort and safety of the skin, with basic ingredients that are safe and mild for the skin according to PRVL Beauty’s main advantages.

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