RAENA Exclusively Distributes Korean Beausta Skincare in Indonesia

RAENA introduces Beausta which is exclusively distributed in Indonesia. Beausta is a beauty brand from Korea presenting a wide range of popular skincare products that are practical and economical.

Beausta uses ecological pouches with affordable prices, extraordinary formulations, and benefits that are similar to its best-selling skincare products. In accordance with its slogan “Beaustie in A Pocket”, Beausta comes in a tiny ecological pouch that has many advantages.

Iqra Rabika, Content Manager of Beausta, explained that Beausta’s packaging is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled. “When the product is running out, the end of the package can be cut off so that the contents of the product can be used down to the last drop and there is no residual cosmetic waste.”

Iqra added that Beausta is very practical for traveling because the packaging does not require a large space. “When packing, we no longer need to transfer our skincare to small packages so it is more hygienic.”

With pouch packaging, consumers only pay the price for the main products so that Beausta has more economic value. One pack can be used up to 30 times with a price range of IDR 30,000.

Beausta is intended for ages 16 – 24 years including high school students, university students, young people who like traveling, or those who like to try various skincare products that are currently popular in the market.

Iqra said, “Since last October, Beausta has been available on the RAENA application, official stores at Shopee, Tokopedia, Tiktok Shop, Dan+Dan, and Beausta’s official reseller shops in Indonesia both online and offline.”

raena beausta korean skincare products
Image source: RAENA

Beausta that comes in 12 variants and use ingredients of its popular skincare products are safe and BPOM certified. The twelve Beausta variants are as follows:

  1. Beausta Deep Clean Cleansing Oil. The main ingredient is olive oil which effectively cleans make-up without drying the skin;
  2. Beauty Aqua Sleeping Mask. Used before going to bed, it softens and moisturizes the skin while sleeping;
  3. Beausta Cica Care Cream. It contains Centella Asiatica which can soften and soothe sensitive skin, also restore skin strength. It is suitable for those who have scars and need anti-inflammatory products to soothe acne;
  4. Beausta Golden Snail Cream. It contains hydrating snail extract, helps improve the appearance of fine lines and reduce the appearance of acne scars and blemishes;
  5. Beausta Jeju Mayu Cream. It contains Jeju Horse Oil which provides nutrition and hydration. It’s suitable for very dry skin that requires 24 hour moisture;
  6. Beausta Whitening Tone-up Cream. Whitening and brightening dull or reddish skin, it’s suitable for those who are longing for bright, radiant skin;
  7. Beausta Pink Tone-up Cream. It makes dull skin look bright and pink;
  8. Beausta Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. Quickly relieving dry and itchy skin, it’s suitable for sensitive skin, redness and burning easily. It is also able to soothe acne and heal acne scars;
  9. Beausta All In One Moisturizer. It combines 3 products at once: toner, lotion and essence. Providing brightening, moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, it’s uitable for those who want to take care of their skin practically;
  10. Beausta Gold Peel Off Mask. It gently and effectively removes dead skin cells, cleanses and tightens pores;
  11. Beausta Charcoal Peel Off Mask. It’s able to absorb strongly but gently penetrate into the skin pores removing sebum and dirt. Perfect for clearing clogged pores and soothing skin;
  12. Beausta Blackhead Nose Mask. Peel-off mask for blackheads around the nose and T-zone that helps maintain a clean and smooth skin texture in those areas.

Romi Yandika as Head of Marketing of RAENA explained, “Our business is partnering with brands and helping them reach customers through our reseller network. We help them understand how to enter the Indonesian market which has its own nuances.”

“RAENA also curates brands to become part of our range of exclusive labels and distributes them singly. Beausta is one of these exclusive labels,” he added.

Romi said, “RAENA has several considerations in choosing exclusive labels, including good product quality, price, and its ability to fill market gaps. In this case, Beausta can fill the gap for the category of consumers who are aware of caring for their skin and using skincare, but prioritize economic and practical factors.

Exclusive labels play an important role in strengthening RAENA’s business. Brands that are distributed exclusively can help RAENA provide better margins for its resellers and achieve its vision of providing a variety of quality products to consumers in Indonesia. Going forward, RAENA will continue to curate and introduce the best brands from its line of exclusive labels.

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