Roemah Rempah Spa Opens Its New Branch in Kupang, NTT

Aesthetics DailyRoemah Rempah Spa is expanding its wings by opening a new outlet recently in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The opening of the new branch was packed with a number of specially invited guests who wanted to try the available treatments.

The presence of Roemah Rempah Spa in Kupang aims to provide high quality spa treatments at affordable prices. In addition, this will open up job opportunities for local residents.

Under the umbrella of Royalcorporation.ID, Roemah Rempah Spa comes with an instagramable and contemporary concept. Roemah Rempah Spa transforms unskilled staff into trained workers who are ready to provide the best service while contributing financially to their families.

Roynaldo as Owner of Roemah Rempah Spa Kupang outlet is committed with the team to provide the best service for Kupang’s communities. Thus, each customer will feel fitter and perform optimally after treatment.

Royalcorporation.ID is one of the leaders in the spa franchise market in Indonesia, with a portfolio of 60 outlets across Indonesia, 27 national level awards and has been reviewed by more than 100 mass media. For 8 consecutive weeks, Royalcorporation.ID has opened outlets in Gading Serpong, Makassar, Kupang, Cibubur and also a number of other cities in Indonesia.

Anita Feng as Founder of Royalcorporation.ID says, “We are committed to providing the best spa services, sincere service from the heart. You will get treated like royalty. For Royalcorporation.ID, customer satisfaction is our happiness. Royal is equipped with more than 50 product items with natural active ingredients that are BPOM certified, safe for sensitive skin and children over the age of 1 (one) year.”

“Through franchising, creating successful business people with potential profits of tens of millions of rupiah per month is our mission and pride at Royal,” says Anita Feng. She adds that in the next normal era, Royal has implemented health protocols, comprehensive checks, so that all customers who are treated feel safe.

“For entrepreneurs, this is the time to get up to be bigger and faster. Now is a very good opportunity, because after the crisis, competition has decreased, rental prices for business locations are cheap, customers have returned. This momentum will make us win big together,” adds Anita Feng with full of optimism.

She says, “Now is the time to turn big challenges into big wins, by opening several new outlets throughout Indonesia. In this way, together we leave a legacy by making Indonesian brands ‘the queen’ in their own country, providing free training and opening job vacancies for Indonesian people, as well as giving birth to new spa businesses that are well-known, contemporary and profitable in their respective cities. That is the legacy that Royalcorporation.ID wants to inscribe, our contribution to Indonesia.”

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