Sociolla Awards 2022 to Pick Indonesia’s Most Favorite Beauty Products

Sociolla presented Sociolla Awards to give recognition to 32 categories of nominations. This awarding event involves 65 local and international brands as well as 154 combined beauty and personal care products.

There are various categorization options including a wide range of skin care, cosmetics, hair care, and body care products. Sociolla Awards 2022 invites millions of beauty lovers to vote for Indonesia’s most favorite products in 2022.

Chrisanti Indiana as Co-founder of Social Bella and CMO said, “Sociolla is not just a beauty destination for beauty enthusiasts. However, with a complete ecosystem and in-depth understanding of Indonesian consumers, Sociolla is home to curated, quality, original and 100% BPOM-certified products.”

This awarding event is in line with Sociolla’s DNA as a trusted beauty ecosystem in Indonesia, as Chrisanti said. “Through this award, we hope to be the main guide for beauty lovers when choosing the right favorite products to meet their needs and voice the best product curation choices with the existing beauty community.”

The Mechanism

Sociolla ensures that every step ranging from the process of product nomination selection to voting is trustworthy and transparent. The nominees are carefully selected based on reviews and ratings from the 100% of active users who shop at Sociolla.

“We invite millions of our loyal customers to participate in choosing their superior products throughout 2022. We calculate all product nominations by standardizing ratings based on the number of reviews, ratings throughout the year, while ensuring the ratings generated are from active customer reviews who bought the product directly on Sociolla,” she added.

“To perfect the nomination process, the entire process of Sociolla Awards 2022 will be validated by Alvara Research Center, a leading auditing organization as a third party,” Chrisanti explained. She ensures that the authenticity of all nominated brands are guaranteed and 100% registered by BPOM.

Carefully, Sociolla selects award nominations with a total of more than 36,000 beauty products that have been reviewed by active users of SOCO application. Nominated brands must have a minimum of 50 trusted reviews (made by active users who shop for the product on Sociolla), a rating of 4.00 or more. In addition, brands must be registered as Sociolla users by October 31, 2022. These provisions are aimed at ensuring that all registered products have a valid BPOM registration.

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It needs underlining, products that meet the requirements to be nomineated in this award are those that have an all-time average rating and all-time total trusted review in each award category. Nominations for public voting are the top 5 products with the highest total ratings in each award category.

Only Sociolla users who have registered as SOCO members before November 21 can participate in the voting period that runs from November 22 to December 12, 2022. Furthermore, the winners of Sociolla Awards 2022 will be announced in December. Winners are determined based on the most votes that have been verified by Alvara Research Center.

Lilik Purwandi as Deputy Chief Statistical Officer of Alvara Research Center, explained, “We are pleased to be involved in Sociolla Awards 2022 nomination process. Thousands of beauty products and brands in this award have gone through a rigorous selection process.”

“Based on the tiered verification approach that we use, we can guarantee that all data from the SOCO application and the Sociolla website used to determine the nomination list can be accounted for,” he added.

Not only to appreciate beauty brands, the presence of Sociolla Awards 2022 is also to accelerate growth and increase brand exposure in the beauty market. Sociolla believes that through this program, the Indonesian beauty industry will also develop better.

The Nominees

There are several well-known beauty brands such as L’Oreal Paris and Avoskin which have been nominated to compete as one of the favorite beauty brands this year.

“We have the same philosophy as Sociolla to educate beauty lovers in Indonesia about the importance of quality, safe and certified products. These values ​​have made us a strong business partner since we were first established,” said Anugrah Pakerti as Founder and CEO of AVO Innovation & Technology HQ.

Anugrah explained that thanks to the active collaboration with Sociolla, Avoskin has a strong presence in the market, even allowing it to expand to Vietnam. “We really appreciate Sociolla for bringing back Sociolla Awards this year with a very strict curation process,” he added.

Anugrah believes that the selection of Avoskin as an award nominee will increase its product quality and credibility. Apart from that, this surely motivates Avoskin to continue providing the best products for Indonesian beauty enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Rikka Anggitha as the Brand Business Leader of L’Oréal Paris, also expressed her joy at being selected as one of the nominees for Sociolla Awards 2022. “L’Oréal and Sociolla have had a good partnership for many years. We are very pleased to be a nominee for Sociolla Awards 2022.”

“This award event is different from anything we’ve seen before, because the entire process is examined and carried out thoroughly, from the selection of brand nominations to the voting process. In addition, it involves a third party to ensure accountability and transparency,” said Rikka. She hopes that Sociolla Awards will continue to run every year and become a reference for beauty enthusiasts to find the best and most trusted beauty products.

There are fewer body care and hair care categories compared to the other categories out of a total of 32 nomination categories presented at Sociolla Awards 2022. However, Chrisanti sees that the growth in these categories is quite promising, having continued to grow over the last few years.

“Of course, we would be happy to see more players from that category at the next Sociolla Awards. We also hope that in the future there will be more players, one of which is the fragrance category, to take part in the next Sociolla Awards,” she said.

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