Somethinc Launches Jumbo Size Jelly Cleansers

Aesthetics Daily – Even though you have a busy schedule, that doesn’t mean you forget facial care to keep it healthy and fresh. One of the easiest ways to take care of facial skin is to wash your face regularly. To maintain the cleanliness and health of facial skin, you can use a cleanser that has a number of benefits.

Washing your face using the right cleanser can prevent you from various skin problems, such as damaged skin barrier and dry skin. Non-SLS cleansers that are good for the face can balance the skin’s pH, clean and refresh the face.

Seeing the importance and the benefits of facial washing soap as a basic need for facial care, Somethinc has launched jumbo size cleanser products, namely Low pH Jelly Cleanser and Acnedot Cleanser. Somethinc presents a larger package as a cost-effective and efficient option for customers.

Each of Somethinc products comes in a 350 ml size. Consumers can get this jumbo size cleanser in 2 variants, each of which has different contents and functions. Both can answer the needs and problems of facial skin experienced.

Low Ph Jelly Cleanser is a vegan facial cleanser in jelly form containing Japanese Mugwort, Tea Tree, Centella and Peppermint. Clinically tested, Low Ph Jelly Cleanser can balance the skin’s pH, soothe the skin again, clean dirt and excess sebum, without making the skin dry, tight and without damaging the skin barrier.

Another cleanser variant that comes with jumbo size is Acnedot Cleanser. This facial cleansing soap is equipped with a non-stripping and non-dying formula with Tea Tree as an antibacterial which is useful for fighting acne and Trehalose which keeps the skin moisturised.

This acnedot cleanser is also a vegan facial cleansing soap with a balanced pH which has the ability of 5x Acne Combat Power. This serves to help clean the pores as well as remove dirt, dead skin cells, residue and excess oil which is one of the causes of acne on the face.

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