The Facial Skin Lab Opens in Semarang, Serving Various Beauty Treatments

Aesthetics Daily – The people of Semarang now have a new choice to get a wide range of beauty treatments thanks to the presence of The Facial Skin Lab. The new beauty clinic which was officially opened in this mid-December is precisely located at Jalan Suratmo No. 318, Manyaran.

The Facial Skin Lab is ready to provide various Korean skin treatments for those who want their skin to look smoother and healthier. To get a specific treatment, prospective patients can visit The Facial Skin Lab which is open every Monday – Sunday with opening hours 09.00 – 19.00 WIB.

Wong Budiwati as CEO of The Facial Skin Lab says that the presence of the clinic means that the people of Semarang do not have to go all the way to Korea. They only need to come to The Facial Skin Lab to get treatments and skin care products needed at prices that don’t drain their wallets.

“We provide quality services at affordable prices so that all people can enjoy them. The Facial Skin Lab also provides variously attractive promos every month, including opening promos, shocking sales, and other monthly treatment promos,” says Wong.

Wong also explains that the clinic provides the most favorite superior treatments. Some of the treatments available at The Facial Skin Lab include acne solver, spot removal, anti aging treatments, and body shaping.

The Facial Skin Lab uses a blend of green and pink pastel colors as its unique identity. Inside the clinic, there are a number of privately designed treatment rooms and VIP rooms. This means, one patient is treated in one dedicated room. To attract more customers, The Facial Skin Lab provides extra benefits for every facial treatment.

Wong says that The Facial Skin Lab has a vision to fulfill the rights of every Indonesian who wants their skin to be healthier and more radiant. Apart from that, the clinic is also intended for those who want to look more beautiful both inside and outside.

On the other hand, Dr. Irena Intania, M Kes., Doctor of The Facial Skin Lab, mentions DNA Carpet Treatment which uses DNA Salmon Serum as one of the top treatments. “It (DNA Salmon Serum) is a type of protein that is put into facial skin, useful effectively as a glowing booster and anti-aging.”

“It is available in various treatment methods that are of interest to customers. Its function is to make the skin look brighter and tighter,” explains Dr. Irena. In addition, there are Laser and IPL treatments that can be adjusted according to skin type and condition.

Dr. Irena adds, “There is also Insta Glow Facial treatment which uses certain tools and serums. It functions to brighten the face instantly with today’s methods and technology.”

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