8 Ways to Become a Successful Make Up Artist (MUA)

Aesthetics Daily – Many people think that to become a makeup artist (MUA) you only need to master makeup artist techniques. In fact, there are many skills and knowledge outside of cosmetology that you must master including business and marketing. After all, people won’t recognize your expertise in makeup if you can’t market it.

Makeup artists have many choices whether they will work for a cosmetics company or freelance. If you decide to become a freelance MUA, you will set your own hours, clients, and rates.

Steps to Become a Professional MUA

1. Study at a beauty school

Your career journey as a professional makeup artist can start from studying at a beauty school. While a makeup artist doesn’t require a degree, it’s still best if you enroll in an accredited school so you can get quality instruction.

Some of the popular makeup qualifications available include VTCT Level 3 Diploma, BTEC Level 3 Diploma, ITEC Level 3 diploma, City and Union Diploma, and Makeup Standards Authority (MASA). There are several beauty colleges and academies that offer this course.

You can also opt for more specific makeup courses such as a media makeup course or a special effects makeup course. If you want to hone your skills further, you can take a master class in a specific technique like bridal makeup, for example.

2. Invest in makeup kits

The most valuable investment for a professional makeup artist is makeup. For some makeup artists, especially those just starting out, this can be a burden on their minds because makeup tools such as color palettes and skin care products are quite expensive.

However, you should have one if you are really serious about becoming a professional makeup artist. Some equipment such as a series of lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara and foundation that you may often bring when meeting clients.

The good news is that some beauty schools will include makeup kits in their tuition fees. Even at the beginning of training, you will probably get a set of makeup tools for free. This way, you get used to using makeup tools from the start.

There are lots of makeup kits on the market. This will likely make you confused about choosing the most appropriate product, especially if you don’t know what the quality is. You have to make sure that the product you buy guarantees work efficiency. In order not to get confused, you can ask and ask for recommendations from mentors or relatives who are more experienced.

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3. Practice more

All the make-up tools you have won’t be of much use if you don’t practice. The first step you have to do is apply makeup on yourself before anyone else. you have to be able to make your face look pretty first.

Next, practice your makeup skills on friends or family. Tell them that you can do their makeup for little or no cost. Chances are they will voluntarily allow you to do their makeup because they might think it would be fun.

This will be a valuable opportunity for you to practice the skills you have. You can also do a series of makeup experiments that you have never tried before. Friends and family will likely be able to understand and support your efforts to acquire these skills.

4. Develop an outstanding portfolio

One of the main reasons why clients use your services is the experience you have. That’s why a good portfolio can be your mainstay in getting customers. Luckily, there are now social media like Instagram that allow you to showcase your work.

Make sure you upload the work that is most suitable for display. Through your portfolio. You don’t need to say much to explain what you can do. A good portfolio can also show how skilled and experienced you are with the art of makeup.

However, if you want to improve your career as an MUA, then you need to create an independent makeup portfolio apart from Instagram. To make it look more professional, you can create an official website where you can display your works along with your profile and curriculum vitae. Collaborate with professional photographers so you can get good quality photos.

5. Expand the network

Even though the business world looks very competitive, it doesn’t mean you see anyone as a threat. Instead, you have to start thinking that those in the same industry you can make as partners. You really need strong relationships with people in running a business.

If you are a beginner, then you can use more expert and professional makeup artists as a source of inspiration. Every time you see their work, you will probably be more motivated to learn. But don’t stop there. Think about ways you can connect with people who can support your career.

The easiest way to expand your network is by participating in various events such as seminars, workshops or any kind of meeting. These are the times when you may meet a client or someone who will introduce you to other clients.

6. Take advantage of digital marketing

The advancement of the internet gives you many benefits. You can use several popular social media platforms, especially Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest where you can showcase your best work. Especially now that most people have used social media not only to interact with friends but also to find services.

Create a separate business account from your personal account. This will give you convenience because you can manage the flow of communication easily. Your profile and appearance of your social media accounts must be carefully designed to give potential clients confidence in your abilities.

You should also regularly update posts regularly. The goal is for people to believe that you are still running a business and doing your job. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of online advertising to increase sales potential.

7. Set clear boundaries

When first starting out, many budding makeup artists make the mistake of doing as much work as possible. This is a mistake that needs to be avoided because you will burn out from a heavy workload.

You should have a good understanding of make-up skills and the types of services you are comfortable offering. For example, you prefer bridal makeup over makeup for movies and TV which you may not be good at at all. Therefore, it is better to focus on the makeup skills that you are most good at.

8. Stay on top of makeup trends

Even though you already have a reputation as a makeup artist, that doesn’t mean you’re complacent. Makeup and beauty trends are always changing, demanding you pay attention to them. There will be people out there willing to work even harder to achieve their goals.

Likewise with you who have to keep learning not only new makeup techniques but also other things outside of makeup. For example, you can also study business, marketing, and management so that your business continues to grow.

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