5 Steps to Become a Successful Salon Manager

Aesthetics Daily – Doing various kinds of jobs as a salon manager is not an easy thing. Salons that are managed privately are usually managed by the salon owner who also doubles as the salon manager. Meanwhile, larger salons have a salon manager whose position is under the salon owner.

There are many tasks and responsibilities that must be mastered, from overseeing salon operations to recruiting qualified employees. It takes well-organized, quick-thinking and systematic people to be able to put it all together.

A great salon manager has several characteristics. They are good communicators, organized and customer focused. In addition, in-depth knowledge of the beauty industry is another important point.

Salon Manager Duties & Responsibilities

A salon manager is fully responsible for salon operations. He must ensure that every customer gets satisfactory service. The ability to recruit and manage employees is also the main task of the salon manager. To get qualified employees, salon managers must master the management and development of human resources.

Another thing that becomes the center of attention of salon managers is the scheduling of salon operations, including employee working hours. Salon managers must also control the inventory of goods and service support equipment. That’s an overview of the salon manager job description.

Specifically, each salon manager has different duties and responsibilities depending on the size of the salon. For example, in a smaller salon, the salon manager will oversee reception at the front desk. They can also work on more detailed things like bookkeeping, inventory management and payroll.

Meanwhile, for larger salons, there may already be employees who have certain duties. In this case, the salon manager oversees the performance of each employee according to their position. If a salon has several branches in one city, the salon manager also controls the operations of each existing salon.

How to Become a Successful Salon Manager?

1. How to be a salon manager – Build a solid & strong team

As a salon manager, you can’t work alone. That’s why a strong team is the key to any business success. Communication is not only done through structural meetings. You can plan events outside of work routines that can build solidarity, such as outbound training or sports activities.

Creating strong solidarity is very important so that every salon employee has a sense of belonging to the company. A solid and passionate employee is a valuable asset that must be created and nurtured. For activities that are more formal in nature, you can bring in a consultant who is used to conducting employee training and motivation.

Or, you can send employees to attend conferences or workshops to improve their skills. This is a form of team building which is also useful as part of continuing education.

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2. How to be a salon manager – Foster good communication

As in most workplaces, there is always a dynamic of communication in the beauty salon. Hairdresser talking with customer during treatment. While the receptionist at the front desk answers the phone for appointments or accepts customer complaints. Likewise, salon employees swap stories and thoughts with one another.

A good salon manager understands that communication is the main key in managing a salon. In the world of work, there is a possibility of conflict between employees and customers. It is your responsibility to resolve conflicts peacefully without any party feeling disadvantaged. This is where your skills in managing and resolving conflicts are at stake.

Employee meetings that are held weekly or monthly are moments to find out all the problems that occur in the salon environment. Employees have time to ask various kinds of questions and problems encountered. Here, you must involve all employees without discriminating against them.

To get every employee willing to contribute, create a less formal meeting atmosphere. Thus, employees do not feel reluctant to express their opinions. As a sign of appreciation, you can announce the best performing employee. This of course can trigger employees to work even better.

3. How to be a salon manager – Be sensitive to customer needs

Your performance as a salon manager will be reflected in how neat and clean the salon looks. After all, in every business, a good first impression increases the chances of a sale. When a client walks in, the cleanliness of the salon plays an important role in their first impression. This is a customer experience that you can’t ignore.

Every customer should feel pampered and comfortable in a pleasant salon environment. Therefore, make sure the team understands the importance of the customer experience. After all, a good customer experience will drive their loyalty.

It doesn’t stop there, you can ask for input from customers. This is an easy way that will benefit both parties. On the one hand, customers will feel valued because their opinions are heard. On the other hand, you get useful input to improve the quality of salon services.

4. How to be a salon manager – Willing to continue learning

Currently, information technology is developing rapidly. There are many things that are now possible without getting up from your chair. You can use salon management software to make work easier. Therefore, you must always be sensitive, able to learn and adapt to technological advances.

Software such as salon management has various features that allow you to manage your salon more easily. You can use several features to assist in scheduling, ordering client sales transactions, notifications, and others. Not only you who use it, your team must also get used to using the software properly.

5. How to be a salon manager – Always be innovative

The beauty industry is very dynamic, requiring you to keep thinking about new breakthroughs. What looks good today may not be good tomorrow. As a salon manager, you must always follow the growing beauty trends. This is important so that your salon remains in demand by customers.

If you have more creativity, why not implement a new way to encourage people to visit the salon. For example holding promotional programs or giveaways through social media at certain times. You can also create membership cards for loyal customers and give them special privileges.

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