Tokopedia Beauty Awards 2022 Announces the 25 Best Local Products

Tokopedia Beauty Awards (TBA) 2022 which is held annually announces the 25 best local beauty and personal care brands chosen by the community. The award was determined based on hundreds of thousands of votes that were collected through a dedicated page on the Tokopedia application spanned 1 – 20 November 2022.

Marina Anggraini as AVP of FMCG-Long Tail of Tokopedia emphasized that Tokopedia really appreciates the people who have voted for the local beauty and personal care brands of their choices through TBA 2022. “The results of the votes show that the local beauty and personal care products are increasingly becoming the people’s top choice.”

Benefits for Tokopedia Beauty Awards Winners 2022

The winners were selected based on several criteria, ranging from the brand’s popularity on mainstream social media to the development of their products on Tokopedia, including how often the product is sought after by the public and a significant increase in sales.

Some of the benefits the winners get include marketing capital in the form of a ‘TopAds’ advertising balance, the 2022 TBA badge which can increase buyer confidence and training related to business management from industry experts.

Tokopedia’s Support

Tokopedia, apart from TBA, is carrying out various other initiatives to help the growth and development of local beauty business, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as making it easier for the public to access their products. Some of Tokopedia’s initiatives include Beauty Flash Friday, Tokopedia Beauty Dealight, Bangga Buatan ndonesia and many more.

To bring buyers closer to sellers wherever they are, Tokopedia also continues to intensify the Hyperlocal initiative. This aims to make it easier for buyers to get a more diverse product needs more quickly and efficiently. In addition, MSMEs in all corners of Indonesia have the same opportunity to grow and develop without having to move to big cities.

Sherine Pranata as Category Development (Beauty and Personal Care) Senior Lead of Tokopedia, said, “One of the manifestations of Hyperlocal is Kumpulan Toko Pilihan (KTP), a curated page for the seller’s products closest to the buyer’s location.”

Tokopedia also provides Dilayani Tokopedia, a fulfillment service that allows sellers – including beauty and personal care MSMEs – to place their products in ‘smart warehouses’ in areas with high demand. This service is intended to make it easier for people to get products from these sellers more quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to these initiatives, Tokopedia recorded various interesting findings, especially in the Beauty and Personal Care category in the third quarter of 2022. Some of these findings are as follows:

  • Top selling subcategories: Face Makeup, Beauty Masks and Face Care,
  • Regions with the highest increase in the number of transactions: Ciamis (West Java), Magelang (Central Java), Pandeglang (Banten), Manado (North Sulawesi) and Tuban (East Java),
  • Regions with the highest increase in the number of sellers: Garut (West Java), Denpasar (Bali) Balikpapan (East Kalimantan), Magelang (Central Java), and Bandar Lampung (Lampung),
  • Regions with the highest increase in the number of buyers: Demak (Central Java), Central Halmahera (North Maluku), Bantaeng (South Sulawesi) Muaro Jambi (Jambi), and Alor (East Nusa Tenggara).

The Winners of Tokopedia Beauty Awards 2022

Face Treatment

  1. Best Toner/Essence: Miraculous Divine Aura Toner (Avoskin)
  2. Best Serum: Retinol Smooth Serum (Azarine),
  3. Best Moisturizer: Retinol Moisturizer (Dear Me),
  4. Best Sun Care: Hydramax-C Sunscreen (Azarine),
  5. Best Face Mask: Whitelab Charcoal Brightening Gel Mask (Whitelab),
  6. Best Face Cleanser: Elderberry Mild Cleanser (Duvaderm),
  7. Best Eye Care: Game Changer Ultimate Eye (SOMETHINC).

Body Care

  1. Best Body Care: Body Serum Happy (Scarlett),
  2. Best Hair Care: Varesse Serum Shampoo (Varesse),
  3. Best Women’s Fragrance: Ambar Janma (HMNS Perfume),
  4. Best Men’s Fragrance: Revered Oud (Kahf),
  5. Best Men’s Grooming Product: Kahf Comedo Face Wash (Kahf).

Make up & Beauty Tools

  1. Best Foundation & Cushion: Flawless Cushion (ESQA),
  2. Best Concealer: The Realest Lightweight Concealer (Rose All Day),
  3. Best Blushes: Colorfit Cream Blush (Wardah),
  4. Best Powder: Blur Effect Two Way Cake (Jacquelle),
  5. Best Facial & Setting Spray: Rescue RX (Studio Tropic),
  6. Best Beauty Tools: Kok Lentik Curler (MAD for Make Up).

Eye & Lip Make-up

  1. Best Eye Shadow: Rude Nude Palette (SECONDATE),
  2. Best Eyebrow Products: Slim Brow (Jacquelle),
  3. Best Eyeliner: Hyperblack Superstay Liner (MAKE OVER),
  4. Best Mascara: Thunder Lash Mascara (Rosé All Day),
  5. Best Lip Color: Ultra Light Lip Stain (Luxcrime).

Best Brand – Fastest Growing Brand

  1. Somethinc

Best Newcomer

  1. Kitschy

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