9 Aesthetic Clinics in Idaho for CO2 Laser Treatments

Arsthetics Daily – As we age, the color and texture of our skin changes – and not always for the better. Fine lines appear around our eyes and mouth, and forehead wrinkles begin to appear. In addition, age spots and blemishes can appear, causing the skin texture to appear rough and uneven.

CO2 lasers in Idaho have been known to provide some of the most dramatic results in treating skin imperfections and are considered the gold standard in skin resurfacing.

Traditional CO2 treatments remove the entire top layer of skin The newer fractionated delivery systems can significantly reduce the risk of adverse side effects, reduce downtime, and increase treatment comfort compared to traditional resurfacing.

CO2 Laser Treatments Near Me in Idaho

1. Ada West Dermatology

The most suitable patients for this CO2 laser treatment are those who want to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, someone who wants more supple & tender, and/or people with acne or other types of scar tissue. They can have as many treatments as they want, but may have to wait between 6 and 8 weeks between treatments.

The patient best suited for this type of treatment is someone who wants to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, someone who wants skin that is more supple & tender, and/or people with acne or other types of scar tissue. They can have as many treatments as they want, but may have to wait between 6 and 8 weeks between treatments.

Because ablation actually stimulates collagen growth, results will continue to be visible for a month or two after your treatment. Lines and wrinkles fade as collagen fills them in. Loose skin tightens as it adheres to the newly formed fibrous collagen and strong dermis it has created. Age and sunspots can fade or disappear as the cells are replaced with healthy ones.

2. Kramer Plastic Surgery

The CO2 laser has a wavelength of 10,600 nm which means a higher penetration rate into the skin and the ability to address deeper layers of damaged skin compared to the Erbium pixel laser with a wavelength of 2940 nm. Fractional delivery creates microcolumns of thermal injury that cause contraction of collagen fibers. This stimulates the production of new collagen while surrounding undamaged cells promote healing. Collagen production will continue for the next few months after treatment.

CO2 resurfacing is more aggressive and will provide the most dramatic results but it is not a lunchtime procedure. Depending on the aggressiveness of the procedure, it may take 5-10 days for the skin to heal. The skin will remain pink and sensitive for at least 1-3 months so it is important to follow post-procedure instructions, a good skin care regimen, and avoid sun exposure for optimal healing.

3. Treasure Valley Dermatology

Patients are required to come in early for topical numbing. Meanwhile, the actual laser treatment is usually completed within 30 minutes. Although CO2 laser is the gold standard for skin resurfacing, it has the longest recovery time of up to 2 weeks.

After treatment, most patients experience redness for up to one week. After 7-10 days, the treated area begins to turn pink and will remain that way for several weeks. Although the downtime may be longer than other lasers, CO2 results are very visible and long-lasting.

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4. Silk Touch Cosmetic Surgery, Lipo & Medspa

How does a CO2 laser work? Electricity is passed through a gas-filled tube to produce certain wavelengths of light. The light is emitted in the form of short, concentrated beams, which target water molecules and vaporize skin cells. The laser removes the surface cells of the epidermis, resulting in fresh, clean new skin.

At the same time, it penetrates the deeper dermis layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen, which firms and smoothes the skin over time.

CO2 laser treatments can treat fine lines and wrinkles; discoloration (including sun damage and age spots); acne scars; stretch marks; and uneven skin texture on the face, neck and chest.

5. Spa 35 Medspa

CO2 Laser Resurfacing is the perfect procedure for mature skin. Textural irregularities and sagging skin in mature skin can be corrected with CO2 laser. Delivery of high-energy light into the skin stimulates the skin to rebuild, creating smoother, firmer skin.

Applying a high-energy CO2 laser to the skin will remove most of the topmost part of your skin (the epidermis) and pass it all the way down into the dermis. This energy creates controlled areas of removed tissue and the body responds by building new, fresh tissue.

6. The Healing Sanctuary

Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers can provide dramatic, anti-aging results in the treatment of skin imperfections, including wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin tone, and skin laxity.

It is also effective in reducing the appearance of unsightly scars. Combine Pixel CO2 with a PRP microneedling treatment and the end result will be simply amazing!

7. North Idaho Dermatology

The CO2RE Fractional Skin Resurfacing Laser is a versatile fractional CO2 system that precisely targets and effectively treats the surface, mid and deep dermal levels of the skin. North Idaho Dermatology then performed traditional CO2 resurfacing and laser excision of the lesion uneventfully.

CO2RE is able to treat superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precise control over the intensity, pattern and depth of ablation with phenomenal results.

8. Advanced Specialty Care & Med Spa

CO2 is the gold standard for a variety of skin concerns including improving overall skin tone, elasticity, texture, surface pigmentation, acne scars, and pore size. Skin resurfacing treatments are safe, effective and suitable for most skin types.

Patient downtime varies, depending on the condition being treated, but is usually about one week. Patients can choose lighter treatments with shorter recovery times, or undergo stronger procedures to achieve long-lasting anti-aging results.

9. LCV Beauty Aesthetics

Tetra is a CO2 laser that offers fully customizable skin resurfacing treatments and eliminates signs of aging such as wrinkles, sun spots, uneven texture, and age spots. The result is much smoother, brighter, and younger looking skin.

Tailored to your unique needs, Tetra CO2 laser skin resurfacing fits your lifestyle to get the radiant results you want, but without the downtime you don’t want. This advanced treatment works by removing the top layer of damaged skin tissue and stimulating the regeneration of healthy skin beneath.

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