9 Massage Centres in Kansas Providing Body Treatments

Aesthetics DailyFull body massage in Kansas has the power to provide you with maximum relaxation. During this type of therapy, you will be massaged on many problem areas of the body.

These problem areas can include the neck, back, shoulders, legs and feet, where tension often occurs. In addition to these areas, you may also receive massage therapy for the head and arms.

During your massage treatment in Kansas, you will be asked to lie down in different positions so the therapist can complete the massage. Using oil, the massage therapist will gently relieve knots and tension in your body.

Massage Centres Near Me in Kansas

1. Massage Envy

Hot Stone Envy promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth stones heated with water on important points on the body. The direct heat from the stone relaxes the muscles, allowing the therapist access to deeper layers of the muscle. This relaxing treatment is only available with a 90 minute massage session.

Therapeutic massage helps relieve tension and relieve muscle stiffness while the warmth of the stones helps calm and relax the body and mind. Ask your massage therapist about incorporating Hot Stone Envy into your next massage session.

2. Body Specific

Oncology massage is a hands-on therapy that has been modified to work safely in people with cancer or a history of cancer.

Anyone who has received cancer treatment — whether actively in treatment, in recovery, surviving, or at the end of life — is strongly encouraged to receive massage therapy from a practitioner who has been specially trained in Oncology massage.

3. MNatural High Wellness Center & Spa

Luxbelle Spa Sauna combines far infrared heat, steam and essential oils to provide a relaxing and detoxifying spa experience. Luxbelle Spa targets blood flow to the lower extremities, where heat is applied, and then flows to the upper body facilitating blood circulation to the peripheral blood vessels. The combination of far-infrared waves, a unique vapor dispersal system and herbal distilled essential oils creates an extraordinary experience.

Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat uses far infrared heat and negative ion therapy to detoxify and “de-stress” the body. The soothing heat of this mat relieves mild pain and joint stiffness, reduces stress and fatigue, improves sleep quality, and reduces inflammation.

4. Body & Soul Therapeutic Massage

A Swedish massage begins with relaxing massage oil rubbed into your skin. Then, with a variety of massages, your muscles are warmed and worked to relieve tension and remove knots. Depending on your therapist’s personal style, massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and invigorating.

top best massage centres kansas therapy swedish body spa treatments

If you feel like you want a deeper, more intense massage, you may want to schedule a Deep Tissue Massage. Before your massage begins, let your therapist know about any areas of tension and pain, so they can personalize your massage.

5. The Therapy House

Sports Massage is a highly customized massage that focuses on the athlete’s needs. This is for you if you want to release muscle tension, restore balance and improve performance. Techniques include; deep tissue massage, range of motion-muscle stretching, and more. Results in increased power and performance and shortens recovery time between workouts. Other benefits include; increased blood flow, increased elimination of metabolic byproducts from exercise and intense event preparation.

The Customized Pain Relief Massage is an ideal massage for those suffering from chronic pain conditions. Your therapist will create a customized plan to relieve your core symptoms so you experience immediate and long-lasting relief. Your therapist utilizes our proven proprietary system to quickly identify your “key” areas of pain and dysfunction, then applies the appropriate Therapeutic Massage, Integrative Health and Pain Management techniques to relieve your core symptoms, so you experience faster and more immediate relief. durable.

6. Zen Massage USA

Deep Tissue Massage provides relief from muscle pain, tension, and stress through slower, firmer, and more focused medium-to-deep pressure throughout the body. Special attention and bodywork treatments are applied to problem areas discussed with your therapist.

Neuromuscular Massage goes beyond the deep tissues to reduce pain caused by certain trauma, repetitive movements, or body postures. Depending on their assessment, and conversations with you, your therapist may use advanced pressure therapy, including very strong trigger point treatments, to help restore normal postural and neuromuscular balance.

7. Fortune Massage

Body massage can relieve fatigue, tiredness and pain in the hands, shoulders, back, neck, legs, and relax your body muscles. Help your body muscles relax. Meanwhile, Combo Massage includes body massage and foot reflexology. It focuses on your back and is great for relieving pain in your shoulders and back.

There is also Foot Massage which only deals with the feet. In essence, foot reflexology is the practice of stimulating the nerves in the feet leading to relaxation and through stress reduction this leads to better overall health. The benefits of stress reduction are well known and documented in the scientific literature.

8. Imagine Wholeness Massage Therapy

With Neural Reset Therapy (NRT), the therapist briefly stimulates implanted receptors in selected muscles by asking for a position to be held or movement in a specific direction. Or the therapist taps the muscle in such a way that it causes the receptors to send a special message to the spinal cord.

The new messages pass through the spinal integration center which will reorganize the nervous system so that the muscles are neurologically optimized. With a reset, muscle pain and tightness disappear in seconds.

Lymphatic Drainage uses a light touch technique that pushes and pushes excess fluid buildup into the body’s natural drainage channels and ultimately into the heart where it will be recirculated. This technique can help overcome pain and swelling caused by various diseases.

Patients who have excess lymph tissue from surgery or injury are good candidates for this job- if they have permission from their doctor. However, patients with congestive heart failure should not receive lymph drainage treatment as it is contraindicated for this condition.

9. Massage Amani

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle skin stretching technique used to relieve pain, bruising, and inflammation associated with post-operative care. Massage Amani also includes lymphatic drainage charts, infrared/red light therapy, and information about self-massage if the client is post-operative. This massage is also beneficial for general health in the movement of lymph.

Massage Amani offers on-site chair massage for corporate and private events. There is a small travel fee based on location. Massage Amani provides all materials and setup. Chair Massages typically range from 10-30 minutes, with most people opting for a 15-20 minute massage. The amount of time provides a nice break in the workday, or a nice treat at an event, without overloading the day’s schedule.

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