10 Medical Spas in London Serving Various Skin Treatments

Aesthetics Daily – A medical spa, also called a medi-spa or a med spa, is a kind of mix between a traditional day spa and a medical clinic. Medical spas strive to blend a relaxing spa experience with procedures and expertise usually only found in a doctor’s office.

Wondering which of the best medical spas in London is right for you? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about London’s most popular medical spas.

Top Medical Spas in London

1. Medical Spa in London – HC MedSpa

HC MedSpa provides several medical treatments including Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Bunny Lines Treatment, Crows Feet Treatment, Crummy Smile Correction, Dimpled Chin Treatment, Jawline Slimming (Teeth Grinding), and Nefertiti Neck Lift. In addition, there are Dermal Filler treatments including Cheeck Enhancement, Chin Enhancement, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Tear Troughs, and 8-Point Facelift.

Hydrafacial is one of the superior treatments consisting of The Platinum Hydrafacial. The Signature Hydrafacial, The Platinum Prescriptive Hydrafacial, The Hydratight Hydrafacial, and The Hydralight Hydrafacial. While laser treatments include Laser Acne Treatment, Laser Facelift, Laser Pigmentation Treatment, Laser Resurfacing, Laser Rosacea Treatment, and RF Eye Firming Treatment.

HC MedSpa uses a number of the latest technologies, one of which is Accent, which combines ultrasound with radio frequency to remove fat deposits and tighten the skin. This combination increases collagen production and stimulates natural lymphatic drainage, safely and effectively removing excess fat via the lymphatic system.

2. Medical Spa in London – Medspa Beauty Clinic

One of the laser machines used by Medspa Beauty Clinic is the Soprano Titanium which has a large dot size and a sophisticated cooling system. Thus, the treatment will take less time and remain pain-free even on tanned skin.

Soprano Titanium equipped with 3D technology combines three of the most effective laser wavelengths into one applicator. It simultaneously targets different tissue depths and within hair follicles, increasing treatment efficiency. ICE Plus’ cool sapphire tip minimizes epidermal risk while retaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated. Enjoy a completely pain-free, cool and comfortable experience throughout your session with the Soprano Titanium.

3. Medical Spa in London – EF Medispa

EMSculpt NEO is one of the flagship treatments offered by EF Medispa. This is a fat reduction and muscle toning procedure to give you the slim and toned appearance you’ve always dreamed of. The EMSculpt NEO machine is worked on by one of our highly experienced staff with each treatment session lasting 30 minutes. NEO is a highly effective procedure, capable of treating problems including excess fat, loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite.

This FDA-approved treatment allows for up to 30% fat reduction and up to 25% muscle gain. EMSculpt NEO uses high frequency electro-magnetic technology and Radio Frequency which causes the target muscles to contract and fat to burn. Use of the NEO machine will give the desired effect for up to 20,000 sit-ups or squats. This very fast procedure allows the patient to achieve the desired physique in a very short time.

4. Medical Spa in London – Kensington MediSpa

Elemis Biotec Facial provides 7 new facial treatments that are highly effective and powerful to re-enhance cell performance, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair, renew, and tighten again. Uncovering a new generation of facials, each treatment targets specific skin needs to deliver immediate, visible, and long-lasting results.

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BIOTEC facial treatments combine breakthrough technology with active ingredients and a transformative touch. BIOTEC uses 5 different technologies: Light therapy to balance skin O2 infusion to hydrate and plump skin Galvanic to Rejuvenate, Ultra-sonic peel to exfoliate and Microcurrent to lift and tighten facial muscles.

Kensington MediSpa also offers a variety of treatments including ELEMIS Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage, ELEMIS Garden of England Rose Restore, ELEMIS Hot Mineral Body Boost, ELEMIS Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage, ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage, and ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Experience. There is also the Waxing Lycon treatment with world-renowned LYCON’S stripless hot waxes to remove short and stubborn hairs as short as 1 mm on the face and body without pulling the skin. This low-temperature treatment is virtually pain-free and provides long-lasting results.

5. Medical Spa in London – Beyond Medispa

BTL Vanquish Me is a contactless technology for fat cell disorders which has the largest treatment area. The device ensures unparalleled levels of patient comfort and safety, with no BMI <30 limit. Vanquish is a revolutionary treatment in non-invasive body contouring, and is the closest treatment to surgical results.

Vanquish’s unique design allows for the treatment of large areas, helping to speed up treatment times and make it easier to treat multiple areas at once. Using the patented Selective RF technology, BTL Vanquish Me allows doctors to reduce the circumference of the entire abdomen or inner and outer thigh area. The BTL Vanquish Me procedure disrupts fat cells through selective heating of adipose tissue. This process causes shrinkage and elimination of fat cells.

6. Medical Spa in London – Dr MediSpa

Keravive is a unique, pain-free treatment designed to cleanse, stimulate, nourish and hydrate the scalp, thereby encouraging and stimulating hair growth. It uses the HydroPeel tip spiral design, which is used in conjunction with the HydraFacial vacuum technology, which is famous for the HydraFacial skin care system.

With this technology, a specially designed serum helps create a swirl effect to extract impurities and remove dirt and debris, while delivering a hydrating blend of skin proteins and growth factors. This powerful cocktail of ingredients works immediately and painlessly to improve hair quality and promote hair growth.

After this process and when you leave the clinic, you will be given HydraFacial Keravive scalp health spray. This process aims to further enhance the benefits of the treatment and provide continuous stimulation and nutrition to the hair follicles.

7. Medical Spa in London – Primas MediSpa

Accent Prime uses controlled radio frequency (RF) energy and a combination of a new type of ultrasound technology (Cold Ultrasound Shear technology) to selectively target fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. Combined ultrasound uses waves that are spread homogeneously over the entire treatment area.

This technology selectively damages fat cell membranes so that the fat components are then released into the bloodstream and distributed through the lymphatic system. The ultrasound applicator has been developed to offer high-speed body contouring. Usually, treatment with an ultrasound device will last around 20 minutes, depending on the area needed.

Radio frequency is used to heat carefully selected skin levels. This results in the formation of new collagen, breakdown of fat cells and remodeling of the skin. It provides no significant downtime after treatment, you can return to your daily activities without any discomfort or side effects.

8. Medical Spa in London – Elysian Med Spa

Elysian Med Spa offers advanced Cynosure Elite IQ Laser therapy to treat spider veins. The laser sends a very direct and accurate burst of light energy into the blood vessels. It also causes changes in the veins, leading to fading.

Laser therapy is more attractive to some patients because it does not involve any needles. Discomfort can be reduced with topical numbing creams. Laser treatment also takes 15 to 30 minutes. It usually takes two to five sessions to treat spider veins on the legs.

9. Medical Spa in London – Mayfair MediSpa

Lipo lasers use cold lasers to shrink hardened fatty tissue just beneath the skin’s surface. Unlike liposuction which physically removes fat cells, Lipo Laser induces fat cells to release their contents, thereby shrinking the cells. Unwanted wastes are removed from the body through the lymphatic detoxification system.

Lipo lasers can be used alone or in combination with other body shaping technologies. When used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, results can be seen more quickly and tend to last longer, requiring fewer treatments.

10. Medical Spa in London – Re:treat Medispa

There are several massage therapies at Re:treat Medispa including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, and Indian Head Massage. A relaxing Swedish massage can relieve stress, tension and sore muscles. With the pressure to suit you, this treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Meanwhile Aromatherapy Massage specially blends essential oils to suit individual needs, together with a blend of lymphatic drainage and acupressure, providing a balancing, detoxifying and relaxing massage. There is also Indian Head Massage, where traditional therapeutic pressure points on the head, neck, shoulders and face are massaged to maximize the flow of energy throughout the body. Ideal for those suffering from headaches and tension.

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