7 Popular Spa Schools in Singapore with Various Programs

Aesthetics Daily – The beauty industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. There are various challenging professions including beauty therapist, nail technician, massage therapist, hairdresser and others. Some of these professions require skills and knowledge that can be obtained at the best beauty schools in Singapore.

They offer support facilities and course packages tailored to industry needs. Each beauty school in Singapore has its own advantages that make prospective students interested in studying there.

Top Spa Schools in Singapore

1.Singapore SPA Institute

Established in 1997, Singapore SPA Institute (SSI) Pte Ltd. has a vision to be the leading training institute in the spa, beauty and wellness industry in the region. Singapore SPA Institute aims to raise the professionalism and standards of the spa, beauty and wellness industry through quality training and education.

Focusing specifically on the knowledge and skills of therapists, Singapore SPA Institute offers full qualifications, certified courses, short courses and even a company-specific contextual training system. The Singapore SPA Institute ensures relevance and industry standards that are compliant and validated by industry partners. Some of SSI’s industry partners include AFond Leisure Spa Fitness, Raffles Amrita Spa, Spa Valley, St. Gregory Spa, and others.

2. ProTherapist Academy

Established in 2005, Protherapist Academy offers affordable and comprehensive courses in spa massage and wellness therapy for those seeking to pursue a long-term career in healthcare. There are CIBTAC Diploma in Body Massage (Express), Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (Express) programs for Body Massage Therapists and CIBTAC Diploma in Aesthetics Treatment (Option D) (Express) for Aestheticians.

The Diploma in Aesthetics Treatment teaches students about different skin types, different types of skin conditions, and skin care treatments. Students will also learn various products used in massage therapy, how to use electrical treatments, nail care, and make-up techniques. On the other hand, students who choose the Diploma in Body Massage learn to master the art of healing the body with your hands. At the end of the course, you will be able to confidently give yourself a pleasant massage.

While the Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology teaches about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. At the end of the course, you will develop an in-depth understanding of body systems. This includes an understanding of cells, the digestive system, the human skeleton, the respiratory system, and the muscles in the human body. endocrine. In addition, you will learn about the human lymphatic and nervous system.

3. Sophia International Beauty School

There are several programs offered by Sophia International Beauty School including the ITEC Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists and the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage. The ITEC Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists aims to equip students with the necessary skills in performing various beauty treatments, communicating with customers, planning and marketing strategies. Course materials include Anatomy & Physiology, Beauty (Skincare and Eye Treatments, Make Up, Manicure and Pedicure, Waxing), Professional Conduct and Business Awareness.

While the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage aims to equip students with an understanding of the origins and benefits of Holistic Massage and other complementary therapies, human body systems, performing full body massage within industry timelines, planning and marketing strategies. This program also teaches students to maintain personal hygiene, health and safety in the workplace and to demonstrate their professionalism in their behavior and image as a beauty therapist.

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4. SOQ International Academy

SOQ International Academy offers several programs which are divided into Diploma & Certificates, WSQ and Non WSQ Course. The complete list of courses consists of VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage, Diploma in Semi-Permanent Embroidery, Diploma in Beauty Specialist, Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Massage, Professional Conduct and Business Awareness, and VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Certificate in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

In addition, there are WSQ courses including Product Advisory Skills for the Beauty Care Industry, Effective Product Demonstration, Color Concept Application, Deliver Service Excellence in Customer Experience, and Effective Communication for Quality Service Delivery. Then, there are Non WSQ courses including the Meridian Care Course, Professional Make Up, and Health Care Meridian.

SOQ International Academy also offers skills-based courses including Healthy Face Meridian, Korean Lymph Guasha, Japan Face Lifting, Chakra Color Therapy, Healthy Breast Care, and Healthy Vaginal Care.

5. The Pink Room International Nail Academy

Founded by Rachel Tang since 2003, The Pink Room International Nail Academy (PRINA) provides classroom learning for theoretical teaching and guidance on hands-on training. Thus, students who graduate are ready to work in any salon, both domestically and abroad.

The course options available are Diploma in Professional Nail Technology, Professional Manicurist Certificate,
Professional in Acrylic Extension Techniques, Professional Certificate in Gel Extension Techniques, Diploma in Beauty Grooming, and Nail Art Workshops.

6. CITISPA Academy

CITISPA Academy which is the education division of CITISPA, an Approved Training Center endorsed and supported by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) for various face and body work programmes.

There are a number of external courses offered by CITISPA Academy including WSQ Facial (70 hours), WSQ Manicure & Pedicure (70 hours), WSQ Full Body Massage with oil (70 hours), WSQ Full Body Massage without oil (70 hours), WSQ Body Contouring (20hrs), dan WSQ Body Scrub & Wrap (20hrs). Apart from that, there are also Workshops (1 – 2 hrs) consisting of DIY Massage Workshop, DIY Face Spa, DIY Eye Spa, Weight & Health Management Workshop, and Personal Makeup Workshop.

CITISPA Academy also offers internal courses including Product Training, Sales Consultation Training, and Service Excellence Training.

7. Aesthetics International Academy

Looking for the best spa schools in Singapore? Aesthetics International Academy provides various complete facilities to support the learning process. Courses are divided into several categories namely CIDESCO, CIBTAC, ITEC, and Aeathetics. The CIDESCO course consists of the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma International and the CIDESCO International Diploma (Post Graduate).

Meanwhile, CIBTAC courses include Level 3 Certificate in Facial Electrical Treatments, Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Services, Level 3 Certificate in A&P and Pathology, Level 3 Diploma in Massage, Level 3 Certificate in Body Massage, and Level 2 Certificate in Facial Services.

ITEC courses include VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma In Nail Technology, VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma In Facial Electrical Treatment, VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma In Holistic Massage, VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma In Anatomy & Physiology, VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Diploma In Beauty Specialists, VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Award In Micro Pigmentation Treatment.

The Aesthetics course consists of Diploma For Facial Specialists, Diploma In Body Massage, Ear Candling, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage Technique, Indian Head Massage, Infant Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Personal Makeup, Advance Gel Nail, Foot Reflexology Massage, Child Massage Therapy , Bamboo Meridian Massage, and Aesthetic Treatment.

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